Tragic news

Posted by stuff4sam on June 2, 2009

It is with great sadness we have to share the terrible news about Neil, Kazumi and Sam. Sam died from meningitis on Friday and it seems that Neil and Kazumi took their own lives shortly after that.

We are all very shocked at this terrible news and thinking of everyone who cared for Sam or were close to Neil and Kazumi who are dealing with this tragic situation.

We are all better for knowing them and Sam could not have wished for better parents.

Update (3/6/09): Thank you all for your overwhelming love and support, all your kind words are greatly appreciated. People always say how messages of support are a comfort, and they truly are. Many of you have also asked where you can make donations. We know of no better place than Spinal Research who have now set up a donation page specifically to remember Sam, Neil and Kazumi. We will update this site in due course with details of how we wish to remember the Puttick family.

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  1. Rich said

    Rest in peace Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

    • Andrew Jeffrey said

      How very sad, society has lost a true example of a loving family ! Our thoughts are with the family and everyone who knew them, god bless wee boy, all together again.

      • A father said

        I completely understand. Rest together in peace.

      • Melissa - A mother said

        I understand. The pain of the soul,(for a child of yours) has no cure. Rest in peace.

      • A Mummy said

        Peace be with all of the family and friends of those left behind and in pain struggling with this terrible tragic situation. Only time will bring understanding and healing.

      • Shaun Collins said

        May they rest in peace and be together in eternal happiness in the afterlife.

        Such sad news. Love and condolences.

        Shaun x

      • LINZI said

        I cried when i heard of this tragedy. I can totally understand why. I was so lucky my dauhgter contracted menigitus when she was 15 weeks old. she survived thank god but i can honestly say that i dont know how i would have survived without her if she hadnt have been so lucky. What amazing parents you are i have read so many good things about you my heart feels for you all rest in peace god bless. xx

      • steve said

        If your sorrow can be lessened,
        In some warm and special way,
        By knowing that so many share,
        In your loss with you today.

        And if it brings you comfort,
        When others show they care,
        Please know that thoughts are with you,
        And remember they are there.

      • Barbara Forbes said

        Darling, darling little boy. No wonder mummy and daddy didn’t want to let you go without them and your toys and teddies! What a brave mummy and daddy you have, eh?

      • Lorraine Hough said

        I cannot begin to wonder how you must have felt losing a brave little 3 will be the BRIGHTEST STARS in the sky every night. hope you are now together in a more peaceful,happy,and healthy world.and if there is a heaven and a god why did he let this poor innocent child go through such a terrible 5 years? but my thoughts are with all their Family and Friends at this very sad time xxx

      • Steven said are now at peace together..God bless.xx

    • Gill Lyon said

      How very sad this is:(( its heartbreaking, the love of two fabulous parents for their little boy I hope you are all together in heaven rest in peace x

      • Exiled Dub Mary said

        you can’t get into Heaven when you commit suicide. Poor Sam! May he rest in peace

      • Sue said

        of course you will be in heaven together…as you were together for each other,always,here on earth.Rest in peace all of you,with heartfelt love and peace from those less courageous.

      • According to the Japanese (Buddhist) tradition, in which double suicide is relatively prevalent, one can get to heaven even if you commit suicide. It does not say so here, in the Shinju (double suicide) article in wikipedia but it is worth a read.

      • Antonia said

        Who are we to judge the actions of parents in such terrible pain. Perhaps they felt that they could not bear him to be taken from them and that they preferred to go with him on his journey to a better place.

      • A Father said

        Exiled Dub Mary: If God wanted people to adhere to dogma he’d have built robots.

      • maria said

        Exiled Dub Mary said you cannot get to heaven if you commit suicide.
        How dare she come on a blogg and write such things.
        Our God is a good and forgiving God and would understand the devotion of Sam’s parents.
        Rest peace heaven will be a better place for you being there. x

      • I researched and added to the “Shinju” article linked above adding the section on Pure Land Buddhist belief.

        To the administrator.
        Please all me to recommend you turn the donations button on and form a “Stuff4sam spinal research foundation” (or similar). You have our atttention, sympathy and respect. It would be nice to see a positive this-worldly outcome too.

      • mariko said

        Exiled Dub Mary I wonder where you are exiled perhaps the land of thoughtlessness and lovelessness.You may never understand the unconditional love Kazumi and Neil had for Sam.

      • Karen said

        God forgives people that have devoted their lives to caring for others. Its obvious that exciled mary won’t be getting in. I hope her nasty comment hasn’t offended those who love and cherish the puttick family. They were a shining example to us all and if I ever lost one of my four children I would be tempted to do the same thing. My thoughts are with you all in your grief. May they rest in peace in heaven. x

      • Henrique Bastos said

        I was not going to post. I grieve in wonder at the power of love. As for “Mary”, I pity her. How dare you!

      • Noreen said

        What an evil person you are “Exiled Dub Mary”. You have no right to comment in the way that you did which will only add to the anguish of the family & friends of these tragic people.

        To use your beliefs to beat others with a stick is sick.

        Kazumi, Neil & Sam will find peace & joy together, wherever that might be.

      • Catherine - A mother said

        Pity you Mary for you obviously havent felt unconditional love..shame on you and your horrid comments. Love to the family wherever they are..they are together again now and thats all that matters..

      • A Prod Dad said

        I love my children – Jesus loved children and knew the grief of hurting parents who are we not to say He has already outstretched His arms to this family – arms of love

      • Stefan said

        Rest in peace…May you find peace and love, where-ever you are now…

      • A mother said

        What kind of heaven do you believe in? Of course they will be there, together. This kind of narrow mind causes wars……God bless all three.

      • Peg said

        he world was blessed with this family they were devoted completely to one another right until the end,now they are all together forever my heart goes out to all thier family,friends ….RIP xx

        And To…Exiled Dub Mary how heartless can you be to come onto a site that is dedicated to a wonderful family and post hate while everyone that worked with this site and the family grieve?? that takes a talent but not one that anyone would want, go and find another site to post your hateful messages…………..


      • Walter said

        Such a tragic turn of events. No doubt God is a vile sadist.

        Rest In Peace, little one.

      • Alison said

        Rest in loving peace all three of you, together again with God.
        I understand totally and only wish I had the courage and strength to join my daughter. May God Bless and protect you and your families. xxx

        As for the utter rubbish left by Exiled Dub (or should it be DUMB ) Mary – who so obviously has no compassion or thought. You obviously have never felt the total and utter devastation of losing you beloved child – how DARE you leave a comment like that – SHAME ON YOU!!!!

      • Anthony said

        Exiled Dub Mary – yes, shame on you. You have no understanding of the endless love these wonderful parents had for their lovely little boy. My eyes are full of tears. If heaven exists, then the three of them are in it and reunited. Please learn some tenderness and humility and think how cruel your comments are.

      • Kiwi Gal said

        Words cannot describe how I feel at your loss
        What heartache for Neil & Kazumi for losing their little boy

        God Bless xox

    • Lou said

      So very very sad.

      Words seem trite.

      Much love xxx

    • suzee lewis said

      oh how terribly sad…I have tears in my eyes after hearing about this on sky news! they are all now reunited and may the three of them,,, Neil, Kazumi and Samuel rest with the angels..such dedicated paretns right to the very end and beyond RIP x

      • Your conscience said

        Can I just state that the parents are going to hell for killing themselves, and therefore not being reunited? :/

      • Barbara said

        Your conscience? What a great advert you are for your religion. Do you go bursting into funerals laying down your opinion of the deceased? This is a condolences page, not somewhere for anonymous haters to state unsubstantiable opinions as if they were fact.

    • Kevin, Liverpool said

      How can you come to terms with grief such as this?

      These parents showed ultimate and unconditional love for Sam

      I know they will all rest in peace. May God bless and care for them all

    • Simon wood, co cork. said

      Rip all three of you, take care x

    • Wiebke said

      That’s very sad. I understand them!
      Rest in peace. May be there, where you are, no pain!

    • Sam & Milly said

      So many bad things happen every day in this world and first on hearing what had happened but not why I was shocked but now that the reports have given more detail about what and why I am heart broken. As a mum I know how they must have been feeling and although I would hope to be strong in the same situation I know I would be broken if any of my children were to leave before me. I hope that the angels have bought them all together at last and that they can be happy. Noone can say that what they did to themselves was wrong as noone knows what they were feeling. My heart is with Sam and his parents whereever they have gone. I understand why you have done what you did and Sam will appreciate it.

    • Anonymous said

      Good bless you all.such a heart breaking brought a tear to my eye.any one who ever has children,would realise,losing someone makes your heart will now be together in heaven forever.such a beautiful family.all my love shirl xxxx

    • Yoli Pardoe said

      I can honestly say that no story has touched me more than this, I feel so very sad. I am a mother and can understand the strength of emotions. They just couldn’t go on without their precious Sam. May you all be together now.

    • Paul said

      All I would like to say is rest in peace, I am sure you are all back together in a very special place.
      God Bless

    • Elaine said

      Rest in peace Sam, kazumi and Neil xxx

    • Carla said

      I am speechless at this awful loss. My heart goes out to Sam’s extended family. I hope they can find comfort in knowing what amazing people his parents were. It must have been a very special experience to be in the presence of such love and devotion. May Sam and his mummy and daddy rest in peace, may their spirits soar high and may they somehow teach the rest of us what they seem to have known so well: how to be better parents. They are all in my thoughts. C

    • Anatole said

      I really am sorry about the whole tragedy, but let me say, and I know is easy for me that haven’t gone through something similar, that I totaly disagree about Neil and Kazumi decission of taking their lives. I can admire every full-loving previous decission, but not how they decided to end up. Pity they were not as strong to carry on as they were to help Sam to recover for years.

      • emma from japan said

        your right..its not for YOU to say or judge unless you have felt what they did.

      • Barbara said

        You don’t have the authority to make these judgements. Only God does, IF He exists, which no-one can know for 100% sure. People like you — who use the passing of this unbearable lovely family to make predictable judgemental comments — have impoverished spirits. If there is an afterlife, I wouldn’t like to be in your position.

      • Jo Mycock said

        firstly how can you judge someone you do not know and have never been in such a tragic situation, secondly, you say “Pity they were not as strong to carry on as they were to help Sam to recover for years” Sam died before they took their lives therefore nothing would have changed had their actions have been different and thirdly, this page is for those who wish to express their sympathies not to pass judgement! My thoughts are with those who are truely affected by this very sorry situation xxx

      • Ben said

        I’d never judge peoples decisions,just want them to know that I do understand why they felt they had to jump as well,be at peace all ofyou and Sam enjoy swinging in trees,swimming in lakes.playing with your new friends and take care of Mummy and Daddy.

        Sorry to see you all go 😦

      • Pippa said

        I don’t understand why everyone here is glorifying suicide, its dangerous and reckless to do so. What these parents did was not loving, compassionate and selfless at all, in fact far from it. It was a very selfish, thoughtless and repulsive way to end your life, not to mention a vile, brutal and disgusting way to treat your own child’s body. Suicide is not a solution to any problem and is only a gutless, cowardly and self serving act. This case is particularly sickening as they have knowingly thrown their little child’s body off a massive cliff in the knowledge that his little body will be smashed beyond recognition once it hits the ground. These are not the actions of a loving and caring family but of a deranged and disturbed couple, and they should not be revered at all. And now the remaining relatives of this family will have to deal with the unbelievably distressing and gut wrenching consequences for the rest of their lives. The overwhelming grief and utter hopelessness that they will have to endure because of this stupid act will never leave them and will haunt them to eternity. This is why suicide is not the answer and should never be regarded as a loving sacrifice or something to be in awe of. These parents are no role models at all.

      • Barbara said

        What a pathologically self-centred person you are. Of course, locked so deeply in your own self-righteous world, you’ll never see it. You probably think you’re a wonderful, upstanding person. It’s only those that have to endure misfortune and illness on the scale of the Puttick’s, who get to see a different side of life, one that does not conform to what society and religion think is ‘correct’ behaviour.
        Jesus himself said that no greater love has a man, than he lays down his life for others.
        At the very least, keep your criticism of the deceased off their own condolences page.
        Do you go bursting into funerals hollering your opinions, as well?

    • Vicci a mother in New Zealand said

      I cannot even think how these parents must have felt.I am a mother to a little boy who turns 1 tomorrow and he is my life. You are all together once again,rest in peace. Thoughts go out to the family and friends left behind.x

    • Sarah a mum from Eastbourne said

      Its just so devastating and sad. These parents were a wonderful example of
      love and selflessness. In every picture I have seen of sam he looks like the most
      amazingly happy litle boy. You can clearly see he was so loved and adored.

      I was in tears reading about the tragic events.

      Wherever they all are now, they are together and out of all the pain they were feeling.

    • a mother of 3 said

      no 1 canimagine wot these so dedicated parents went through i can understand y utook ur lifes though as painful as it was 2 read wot happened may god take care of all u 2gether now rip. hope all ur family understand y u did wot u did xxx

    • Anonymous said

      if all parents were as dedicated as the both you then the world would be a far better place.

      may you all now live in peace and happiness together.

      god bless all 3 of you

    • sam said

      I’m a Man without kids and I sit here with tears runnning my cheeks at reading about a a beautiful child Sam

      In all the pictures I see a smile on the face of sam, and that makes it harder for me to control my tears!

      God bless you all

    • sarah said

      So very tragic…i was deeply shocked when i saw this on the news words cannot express…god bless you all R.I.P xxxx

    • Ashmin Majeed said

      I didnt know them, I havent seen them, I havent talked to them.
      Eversince I heard of their tragic news, I have cried as if they were mine.
      I felt their helplessness, I felt their pain
      I even felt about the crucial moment they decided to end it all.
      Ohh So much desperation and sorrow they would have felt .
      Wasnt there any body to talk to them .
      Wasnt there any body to make them realise may be their “Sam”
      Would have wanted them to stay on and live for children like him
      For where Sam had gone , He wouldve been happy and carefree anyway.
      In this world where some little children are hurt by their own..
      Sam had a MOM and Dad for whom “every other word was Sam”.
      Dear God
      Now their souls are in Your Presence
      Please Let them live a life together in Heaven

      • MiaS said

        Well said Ashmin, it’s such a shame that they were’nt able to talk to someone, I think they were out of their mind with grief and could see no way forward at that moment in time, perhaps if they had given themselves a chance to come to terms with Sams death they could have gone forward and helped other children like they did for their beloved son, it’s so sad and I feel for all the family left to pick up the pieces, Neil Kazumi and Sam are now at peace together for ever.

      • Mummy from Bristol said

        ‘Dear God
        Now their souls are in Your Presence
        Please Let them live a life together in Heaven’

        Beautifully put.

        I hope they are cuddled up together, warm and at peace. Rest in Peace wrapped in love.

        Will give my little ones an extra cuddle tonight after reading this.

        There but for the grace of God.

  2. Mandy Long said

    How very very tragic and sad. My heart goes out to Sam’s parents. What a terrible terrible thing to have to go through. God bless them all. x

  3. jooles said

    My heart goes out to all their family & friends, R.I.P.

  4. Tina said

    I sit here with tears streaming down my cheeks, I am the proud Mummy of a special needs young man and know this Sam, your Mummy and Daddy loved you very much. Bless you all. Tina and Matthew xxx

  5. Paul Brown said

    God bless all of them.

  6. Fi said

    It is unbearably sad to think they may have felt they could simply not carry on without their boy!

  7. Jo Ujf said

    My sincere condolences go out to Sam’s family. May Sam and his mummy and daddy rest in peace.

  8. Mark said

    As a father myself my heart goes out to you. Rest in peace Sam with your mummy and daddy X

  9. Sharon P (RNIB) said

    No words can describe how myself and many others will be feeling right now. Sam, I will always remember your smile and Neil and Kazumi you were both such loving people, hope you all rest in peace and my heart goes out to your loved ones you have left behind. xx

  10. Jill said

    As a mother to a disabled child, i can totally understand why these brave parents have joined their son. As their ownly child he was their lives and i can understand totally.
    I hope you all find the peace you all sooo deserve!

    …..and i hope that that some good can go on and that more money can be raised for children who like sam, are truely special in their own ways.

    Rest in peace sweat family…..forever safe, forever together xxx

    • liz said

      Are donations still being received? If so I’m sure, like myself, many people would like to make a donation.

  11. Anna Hindley said

    So sorry for this lovely family, may they all rest in peace.

  12. Karen said

    You are all together and it proves the love you had for Sam that you couldn’t live without him. I hope the rest of your family and friends can grieve in knowledge this is what you both wanted. Rest in peace. x

  13. patti said

    One of the most tragic thinks i have ever heard…
    Sounds like they have been wonderful parents.My heart goes out to family and friends.It puts your own woes in perspective
    god bless xxxx

  14. God bless xxx

  15. Andy V said

    Rest in peace now Little Sam now your parents have joined you in heaven. X

  16. Rach said

    So very sad. Praying for all of you at stuff4sam as you work all this out, not just practically but emotionally too.

  17. Jon said

    Hopefully they’re in a better place, all together. RIP.

  18. Lorraine said

    God Bless and be happy – say hello to my little boy for me, he’d be four now.

  19. Philippe said

    Very moved by today’s news. My sincere condolences to the family.

  20. ilona said

    what a lovely, happy, smiley little boy – such a sad story. my thoughts are with all their family and friends. x

  21. Angie said

    I am so deeply saddened to hear this tragic news.My heart goes out to Sam and his deeply devoted Mum and Dad.My sincere and deepest condolences go out to the family, friends and everyone who knew and loved them.May they rest in peace together forever.

  22. I am deeply saddened to read this terrible news. They seemed like very caring and loving parents for their little boy and this site is evidence of that. My best wishes go to all the friends, family and those that knew them.

  23. G Craft said

    May you all rest together in peace. God bless you all.

    G xx

  24. Paul said

    God bless your souls

  25. JRR said

    Deepest sympathies to families and friends.


  26. Liz said

    May you all be at peace together .

  27. anthony said

    sorry to hear bad news words can not say anything god bless r.i.p

  28. Bryan said

    How truly loved you were Sam. I am deeply saddened by this tragic news but rejoice in the fact that Sam has been reunited with his loving parents.

  29. Rob said

    Tragic. RIP all x

  30. Dave said

    I wasn’t aware of this little boy and his parents until the story unfolded in the news today….This is tragically sad and I cannot imagine how bereft his parents must have felt. It makes me realise how trivial my own problems are and I think I’ll give my own kid an extra hug tonight. Wherever Sam and his parents are now they are together and at peace.

  31. Jed said

    Very sad, understandable in some ways but none the less very very sad.

    It is very intense to give care for a child as such like Sam, They felt crushed I guess and could not cope with the situation.

    Lets hope they are together in whatever form that takes.

  32. Peter said

    Life can be full of tragic events but none more heartbreaking than the loss of your child. Having only recently heard of the facts surrounding Sam I cant imagine the pain the family have coped with over the last few years and more recenlty the last week. I hope you all find the peace you deserve.

  33. B. Lewis said

    I heard this news with great sadness. Any parent will be able to go some way to understanding the devastation Sam’s death would have caused his mother and father and it is also understandable that they felt they could not go on without him. I hope the rest of their family and friends will be able to continue their good work for others, knowing that this family are at peace.


  34. Sarah Samuels said

    It’s tragic news that is breaking our heart
    But from you Sam your parents couldn’t bear to part
    From earthly disabilities you are now free
    And Angels in heaven now you shall all be
    No more illness or grief to fight
    Goodnight, God bless and sleep tight

  35. Elise said

    Such a terribly sad story. Rest in peace Kazumi, Neil and Sam xxx

  36. Viv Brooks said

    We have been reading and watching this sad event. Sam was so much loved that his parents did not want him to be alone ever. So very sad, as a Mum of two son’s (both now adult) I can understand how they felt. Bless you all and may you have found the peace that you as a family have strived so hard to find. What a tragic story.

  37. Felicity said

    My condolences to all their family and friends. The three of them are resting in peace together now xx

  38. Charlie davies said

    Such a sad story, hope you are all together somewhere
    God Bless

  39. Brian said

    This is a very sad situation and i hope Neil, Kazumi and Sam can now all be happy together

  40. Richard said

    Words cant express the saddness of it all, it wells huge tears in my eyes and heart and I never knew them. Their family and friends and all the beautiful people who showed such support and compassion must be devistated.

    In a mixed up selfish world which sometimes seems so short on values, this event brings home the ultimate loss and suffering life can bring to anybody at anytime. It also exmplifies the positive side of what care concern and compassion we can have for each other.

    May this beautiful family have rest and peace.

  41. Claire King said

    Tragic. God bless them, and all those who knew and loved them. May they rest in peace xx

  42. Chris said

    A tragic story, heartfelt sympathies to all. I am not particularly religious but I’m comforted by the thought that they are all together in God’s arms.

  43. Dave said

    I am truly moved by this, so very very sad.
    I have 2 sons of my own, and could not contemplate being without them.
    I sincerly hope the 3 of you have found peace together.
    God Bless

  44. Claire said

    May you all be together and be free of pain – Rest in peace


  45. Nadine said

    It is with shock and sadness that I send my thoughts to all of Sam’s family & friends. We are devastated to hear of the loss of such a fabulous and inspirational family.

    • Sally said

      Fabulous and inspirational are exactly the right words to describe this family.

      Sam was loved by so many people and despite his difficulties he was given such a beautiful and adventurous life by his dedicated parents and care team.

      You will all be greatly

  46. Andy Shannahan said

    Hi, I didn’t know you guys and don’t want to be jumping on the bandwagon or anything with this. But I had seen yesterday on BBC News and now the full story today and have to say this is one of the most tragic things I have ever heard. My heart goes out to you guys and your family, R.I.P. Sam, a very strong little boy and Neil and Kazumi, obviously very loving parents. Such a shame.

    • Clare - Bradford said

      Likewise. I read the story with tears in my eyes and wish I had known of this beautiful family before such a tragedy.

      Rest in peace Kazumi, Neil and Sam; and my deepest sympathies to all who knew you xx

    • Karen - a mum from Sussex said

      My thoughts exactly, too. Rest in peace, all of you – and I wish peace to those who are left behind to mourn, too. It is not for us to judge – and anyone who says anything nasty ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  47. Christina said

    I remember them all with such beaming smiles and wonderful, caring, happy natures – I can hardly believe it. Unbearably sad news. My thoughts and wishes are with Sam’s grandparents and everyone who will miss them all dearly.

  48. Imogen said

    I read this story on the BBC website today and, partly because of my 5 year old, I felt so very sad for them – I know how much they must have loved Sam so much…..

  49. Richard said

    All the condolences possible go to family and friends. We can only hope they are all together in a better place.

  50. John said

    An online memorial for the Pattick Family has been set-up at

  51. Peter Cox said

    God rest your grieving souls. This is sadness beyond all telling.

  52. David said

    Sitting at my desk, holding back the tears, thinking of my children at home playing in the garden. I have never met nor knew of Sam, Kazumi or Neil before today, but the love they held for each other was a great thing indeed.

    I hope Kazumi, Neil and Sam find the peace and happiness they deserve.

    Rest in Peace

    All our Love

  53. AJ said

    Sincere condolences to the family.

    Regards AJ (N. Ireland)

  54. Charlotte said

    My heart goes out to the family of this loving and doting family, a true tragedy and they will be sadly missed by all who knew and loved them. May you all rest in peace

  55. bukky said

    My thoughts and prayers goes out to the family left behind. It is well. Its so sad…

  56. Chris said

    A truly very sad story, may all 3 of you rest in peace.

  57. valerie barnes said

    I did not know Sam or his mummy or daddy, but just reading about this tragic news has brought me to tears. I do know beachy head it is a beautiful tranquil place. I can completely understand the need for his parents to do what they did in my opinion there would never have been a choice.

    This world is just so cruel, unjust and totally unfair.

    May they all rest in peace together forever no more pain or suffering.

  58. Adrian Lane said

    Not sure if it’s the name Sam (as my son), the fact it’s a young boy and the love the parents felt for him or whether it’s just the overall sadness of the whole situation.

    Not sure if any of it really makes sense. Just know that I feel very sad reading about it.
    Tragic? Yes. Full of eternal love – yes also.

    Seems like a piece of my heart is for this family.
    Rest in peace all three of you and my feelings for all those you left behind.

  59. Rich said

    This was so truly sad.

    Those poor parents, you hear of all the tragic nasty stories of children being abused, but these parent were not just loving but based their whole lives on this little boy with such a tragic start in life, as it should be.

    They were people we wanted walking this planet and I so sorry that their grief led them to take their own lives. I cannot possibly imagine what pain they must have gone through.

    I’m not religious and don’t believe in an after-life but I hope I’m wrong, I hope there with their son.

    • james sharp said

      i hope you dont mind my writing and please forgive if this sounds patronising. i’m with you on this though. we lost our first child too. i’m a school chaplain and lifelong non-religious follower of christ. i hope youre wrong too; surely love and committment like this points to there being more to life than just this here that we experience. my take on the christian narrative (as opposed to the dominant/fundamentalist take on it) is that God is with us in all of this and weeps as we do. my job as a christian leader is to show people that God is with us, not a judgemental capricious deity. i am sure that all 3 of them are in peace with God and having the time of their lives. i pray that you find this peace too. blessings, james

      • Robin said

        Sorry to disagree at such a sad time when people are seeking comfort and solace – but the alternative view is that there is no god behind it all, and no afterlife after it all. Surely such tragic events as befell Sam and his parents 4 years ago and over the past week militate against a benevolent god? Where was “he” in all this?

        What is clear is Sam was deeply loved and brought deep love and joy to those around him. Surely no god would sacrifice such a loving family and bring unbearable pain to those left behind, simply to show the joy one boy can bring to others?

        What is so desperately sad is that his parents couldn’t imagine a life without him, and gave theirs up. I hope it wasn’t in the belief of joining him again after death. That they were not able to see a way to continue to help themselves and others after Sam’s death in the way they could after his accident is understandable, but surely a tragic loss.

        I truly hope they found peace and respite at the end. I hope others in anything like a similar situation will find time and someone to talk to – life is so precious.

        And we must all hug those we love a little tighter tonight.

      • Lottie said

        Where was God when this happened?

        Maybe he was there with his arms wide open, for it seemed poor Sam couldn’t struggle anymore. They say the good die young and sadly in this case, the world is a poorer place without Sam, Kazumi and Neil.

        I’m a firm believer that there is an afterlife and we’re here to learn lessons before passing onto the next place, where we reflect and then learn some more. In Sam’s short life he probably has touched more people around the world than all the rest of us have, put together. Maybe God thought his work was done, even though we may have disagreed.

        Poor Neil and Kazumi….
        I cannot bear to envisage a life without my only child, a boy, who so looked like Sam did as a baby. You are to be admired for how you both coped with the accident and your positivity following….how could you conceive that you would have been dealt a second blow. So tragic….

        I pray that you are all at peace with each other and that Sam is running through the meadows and chasing butterflies in a way he could only dream of before.

        God bless xxx

      • Pom said

        I agree with you Robin, could not have said it better. The story of Sam, Neil and Kazumi shows the whole world what true selfless devotion is. The world is a worse place without people like them.

  60. Richard said

    A tragic story but one also filled with unbelievable love. My thoughts are with the family’s friends and relatives.

  61. Diane said

    Praying they are all at peace together. I think most parents will be able to understand why they chose to do what they did , as much as it must hurt family left behind.
    God bless all three xxx

  62. Kirstie said

    Such a brave little boy, who’s story touched my heart. My thoughts are with the family.

    • Sally said

      My heartfelt sympathy to their families and wherever the 3 of them may be I pray it will be somewhere free of pain and suffering. This must be the saddest story of the year

  63. Pete & Lesley said

    Words cannot explain the sorrow that we feel for the sad loss of what must have been such a lovely family. A family who in the face of huge adversity made life a pleasere to live. Although we did not know you, we know that the world has lost some truly wonderful & inspirational people. God speed on your journey to the stars to the place where there is no suffering. Sweet dreams, Pete & Lesley – Dundee

  64. Tommy said

    You will be in our family’s prayers tonight.

    God bless you.

  65. Noodles said

    So Sorry to hear of this sad sad story, I will pray u are together and safe now xxx

  66. Mick said

    Brave little boy and Brave parents, hope there is a happy place for you all

  67. David S said

    I was so very sad to read this. It is so clear that Sam brought such joy to his parents and just so sad that they simply couldn’t imagine a life without him.

    My thoughts are with all the family members who have lost 3 precious people – may God give them all strength at this terrible time.

    David S

  68. Simon said

    I find this to be a particularly moving and upsetting tradegy… my son who is much younger than Sam is more precious to me than my own life and I understand to a very small degree the emotion that Neil and Kazumi must have been going through. I hope that Sam and his parents find happiness where they are now.

  69. Christian Weber said

    What a sad loss. My thoughts are with the friends, family and everyone who knew them.
    I have a 2 year old son myself and I can not even imagine how tragic this story is.
    My they all rest in peace together.

  70. Matt said

    Such a sad story but so beautiful at the same time. I’m sure you are all together again now. God bless.

  71. Mark said

    Rest in peace together

  72. Sarah said

    May this precious family rest in Jesus arms. God Bless x

  73. Kate said

    Such tragic news. Can only begin to imagine the pain they faced without their little boy. May they all rest in peace together as a family.
    God bless…

  74. Peter M said

    I came to this homepage for the first time today after reading the news. I feel a sadness I cannot begin to express adequately. Sam had the same smiling eyes as my own boy and I felt an instant connection to him.

    I feel that we can best honour Sam and his incredibly loving parents by reaffirming our own love for those around us; for our families and our friends but also the strangers of this world who need a little bit of help. How better to memorialise such a touching tale of love and devotion than by continuing to give what we can? Mark today by giving something extra of yourself to another person.

  75. James said

    God bless them all Why do people always say this? There is NO GOD.

    • Ellie said

      I dont think now is the time to question peoples beliefs do you? If it gives people comfort whats the problem?

    • Mike said

      What an idiotic comment, what right do you have to be pushing your ideas at a time like this?

    • Daisy said

      That wasn’t really necessary, people have different beliefs, i personally don’t believe in a God, but i do hope for there sakes that their is one.

      Rest in Peace, i am soo sorry x

  76. Edwin said

    May you all have the PEACE you wanted and remain joyful in heaven.

  77. Lisa Reynolds said

    Our deepest sympathy to the family. A wonderful son, mother and father, may the rest in peace together.

  78. Sharon said

    How terribly sad! May all they all rest in peace together.

  79. Amin Hashemi said

    I hope they can now all be happy together in heaven. RIP

  80. Leigh said

    God bless you Neil, Kazumi and Sam. May you all find heaven a beautiful place

  81. This is very sad indeed. When will Microsoft invent a System Restore point for our lives ?

  82. Amanda Bailey said

    God bless you all xxx

  83. Eric said

    How very sad and tragic. My sincerest condolences to the remaining family.

  84. Martin and Michele said

    God Bless you all Sam, Kazumi and Neil. Your families are all in our thoughts. XX

  85. Ajay Gupta said

    RIP Sam, Neil and Kazumi. My prayers, and thoughts are with everyone who knew them.
    Being a parent, this is my worst nightmare! Wish that no one has to undego the ‘extreme’ sadness and emptiness that they must have felt after Sam’s death. May God give them peace!

  86. Deepa said

    I never knew about Sam – I have just been ready about him and his loving parents on the BBC news website.

    My heart goes out to this amazing family – and I pray god gives all three of you the peace you deserve xxx

    Deepa x

  87. Chris T said

    Rest In Peace Neil, Kazumi and Sam. My sincere condolences to you all at this time.

  88. James K. said

    My sincerest condolences for Sam, Neil & Kazumi.

  89. Juliet said

    I am so, so sorry to read this news. What wonderful parents Kazumi and Neil were to Sam. I hope they’re all together, I’m sure they are. My heart goes out to everybody.

  90. bruce said

    RIP. Never met you, but my kids had fun holding up “Hi Sam” signs for photos on holiday. Such a sad, sad story.

  91. James said

    How very, very sad. Sam may not have been on this earth for long, but he had as much love as anyone could ask for.

  92. Susan said

    This has touched my heart so, so much what an amazing family that lived for Sam and couldn’t live without him.

    May you all rest in Peace, my love and condolences go out to their family and friends x

  93. I am a doctor from India , I am deeply disturbed by this news . what a great parents they are. This family should be remembered for ever. Some memorial hospital needs to be built for the remembrance of this great family.

  94. Tim said

    Rest in peace all three of you. You affected a great deal of people in your lives, bless you all.

  95. Kevin said

    A tragic story which, through the sadness felt, defines beyond measure the pure love for their child and the grief felt at his passing.

    I dearly hope all three are again together now in another life.

  96. paul said

    Have just read the tragc news and its just awful. I am the proud daddy of a 13 month old boy and would do anything for him. I can understand the love these wonderful devoted parents had for their little boy. I hope they are all in a happy place together, free from pain. Such tragedy.

  97. JC said

    So so sorry to hear that Sam, Neil & Kazumi have all passed away. I am certain they are all together now, in a world less cruel than this one. They are an inspiration to us all.

  98. Nikki said

    It is hard to find the words. I know that I will be holding my 4 year old son a little tighter when I get home tonight.

    What a beautiful little boy. What loving parents. What tragedy.

    I pray that you are now together in a far better place than this, in peace and free from pain.

  99. Graham said

    I’ve been following the story and am deeply saddened by this. They sound like two fantastic and loving parents and one wonderful little boy.

    Words can’t fully express my thoughts after reading the story and I know that it is unlikely that I will ever fully appreciate what Neil and Kazumi went through when Sam died from Meningitis.

    However my thoughts, wishes and prayers go to the three of them and all who knew them.

  100. coral-seas said

    I had never heard of Sam, Neil and Kazumi before this tragic news. It seems to me that the world has lost three wonder people. My heart goes out to those who did know and love them.

    Rest In Peace. I pray that you are together.


  101. Louise said

    So sorry for these poor parents, the anguish they suffered I cannot even begin to imagine. Sam was loved totally – you could see it in his smile.

    I pray heaven brings Sam and his loving parents both freedom and peace.

  102. Quincy- America said

    Sometimes life does give us too much to bear. God bless you beautiful little Sam and your devoted parents. May you all be happy together forever in heaven.

  103. Fleur said

    What a tragic end to such a short life. As a mother I can only imagine the trauma that Neil and Kazumi must have gone recently and I am so sad for them all. I only hope they are together now in a happy place. Rest in peace now and know that so many people are thinking of you.

  104. Andrew said

    go in peace now

  105. Lottie said

    Such a beautiful boy, no wonder Neil and Kazumi couldn’t face life without him.
    There is nothing worse than losing a child….all the money in the world cannot replace a person.
    Sam, I didn’t know you but your wonderful smile, ever happy in your pictures shows what a truly great soul you have.
    May you all be happy together xxxx
    So sad….

  106. dumblikeapainter said

    I so wish you could have stood the unimaginable pain and loss to find a way to live.
    Love never dies.

  107. Kirk said

    I feel terribly sad about reading this story. R.I.P Sam, Sam, Kazumi and Neil.

  108. Joanne said

    What a beautiful happy little boy you looked Sam – despite your problems. You were obviously loved very very much, and I hope you and your mummy and daddy are now with the angels, laughing and playing and together once more.
    God Bless you all x

  109. Noreen (RNIB) said

    Before Kazumi and Sam’s tagic accident, Neil once said to me that whenever he arrived at work, he would count down the hours to when he could leave the office and head home to play with his beautiful son, Sam.

    I feel Sam is now in a place where he can run freely and happily and independently while his wonderfully devoted parents look on.

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam, be happy together forever.

    Noreen xxx

  110. jean said

    How great a love is that,,, that they didnt want him to make the journey to heaven on his own.Now in heaven they have their little boy running around like he used to. What wonderful parents they are and always will be. Grieve not that they ARE no more, give thanks that they WERE. xxx

    • Marion said

      What beautiful words Jean has used, for this simply beautiful family.

      Yes, let’s try to remember them for the great love they had for each other. A true inspiration, now in heaven.

  111. Robin said

    Sam clearly brought much love and happiness to many people’s lives. His parents, family and unknown friends around the world did some wonderful things to make his short life a full one.

    I can’t imagine the agony his parents went through – it is surely every parent’s dread fear. I hope they found some peace at the end, but would urge anyone in anything like a similar situation to find someone to talk to. Life is so precious.

  112. Richard said

    I was deeply upset when I read about this in the newspaper this morning. God bless their families and may Kazumi, Sam and Neil Rest In Peace. As a loving father myself I can well imagine how much Sam’s death would have made thier lives seem futile. Life can seem so cruel.

  113. zoe said

    i hope the family can now be happy together.
    RIP and sweet dreams

  114. Mark said

    I am deeply deeply saddened by this tragedy but inspired by the selfless love of these two parents for this wonderful little boy. They were clearly truly amazing people.

  115. Neil said

    As a father who completely dotes on his 10 month old daughter, and 11 year old son, I can understand Neil & Kazumi’s decision to follow their son to heaven. Life deals us the cruelest of blows at times.

  116. Sarah said

    I cannot even begin to understand what must have been going on in the minds of Neil and Kazumi -to end their own lives after the tragic death of their only child Sam. They didn’t want him to be alone and they decided to go with him. Even to the extent of taking his toys so he had something to play with. I am so sorry to hear of the deaths of all three of them and I hope that they are now at peace.

  117. tess said

    A tiny flower,lent not given,to bud on earth & bloom in heavan…..

    I am a mother to 4 children & cannot begin to imagine how neil & kazumi felt to lose their precious son….

    May they rest in peace & my thoughts,prayers & love are with their families,at this difficult time.

    Tess x

  118. Paul said

    What a heartbreaking story. What is there to say? I can only wish strength and love to all those who loved and knew this special family. May they rest in peace.

  119. Shirley Lloyd said

    I am so sorry for the tragedy that this family has suffered. No one expects to outlive their children. This story has touched me to the quick and I don’t think I’ll ever forget what this family went through. My thoughts are with the family and I hope they find peace. With much love Shirley Lloyd, Dudley, West Midlands.

  120. Keymonkey said

    I am so sorry to hear this tragic news. I cannot for one minute understand what pain they must have felt at the loss of a child.

    I hope they are now at rest with their precious Sam and forever will their hearts be filled with love.

  121. Anon said

    This situation touched our family particularly because we are also an Anglo-Japanese family with a child of similar age. I can imagine the happy life they had.

    Although it is immensely tragic and our hearts go out to the relatives, the important thing now is to remember the happy time they shared together and whatever your beliefs or non beliefs, they will be together forever.

  122. Tom said

    Very very sad to hear this news. I also married in to a Japanese family and find this tragic.

  123. karen said

    words fail me, bless you all, you must have been in great pain.

  124. Sch01ar said

    God Bless this loving family; this tragedy challenges each of us to truly cherish the time we have with those we love.

  125. Muhammad Ehsan said

    very sad news,I am very upset after reading this ,
    Neil, Kazumi and Sam will be together forever. R.I.P

  126. Helen said

    I am so shocked and saddened by this tragedy. Truely upsetting. My thoughts and prayers are with Neil, Kazumi and Sams friends and family at this time. May they all rest in peace and have no more pain and suffering.

  127. andrewUK said

    how very sad, i hope they have all found peace in a better place.

  128. Tracey said

    This is one of the most tragic stories I have ever heard. I never had the privelege to meet any of you but I will always remember you and the love you shared. Please may you all rest in eternal peace, together, forever.
    Tracey x

  129. Patrick Rice said

    Please may I express my profound sympathy and sadness for the recent tragic events of the last few days. It is my greatest hope that Sam is now re-united with his loving and devoted parents, a family together once again, in Heaven above, united in the pure love they have for each other.

    With every thought and prayer,

    Gateshead, UK.

  130. Sheila said

    I am so saddened by this tragedy. May this little boy and his mum and dad rest in peace.

  131. John said

    Although only knowing indirectly, it was very clear how much Sam & his family inspired the people around them. Hopefully this can be kept by the people left behind and they’ll live on inside them.

  132. Jack said

    RIP from Wales.

  133. Brian Murphy said

    Words fail me. What an awful tragedy but also such an amazing tale of selflessness.

    My heart goes out to their family and friends.


  134. Natasha said

    Imagine the totally, over-whelming, wholly consuming, mind numbing love the mother and father felt for their little boy. They could not even bear one night without him. From the age of one they acted as Sam’s hands and feet, arms and legs. They did not just feed and care for their fatefully paralysed son – they were their son. They were one body…and a body cannot survive if one part dies.

    I cannot help but cry when reading this devastating news, because we are not used to hearing about unconditional eternal love like this. I have never felt so heartbroken for a family that I have never even met..nor get the chance to.

    I hope your last moments together were happy ones, and pray that you are now at peace…

  135. Joe said

    I didn’t know any of you but hearing and reading of the tragedies in Sams short life, have filled me with extreme sadness. As a father I cannot begin to imagine Kazumi and Neil’s anguish but I know you’re all happy together, what ever place you have all gone too. RIP.

  136. Lisa said

    I am just so incredibly, deeply saddened to read what has happened. The intense love they obviously had for each other, the pain, the heart wrenching time they all went through, it is almost too much to comprehend. I am so so very sorry for their families loss.

    Go gently in the light of the divine, sweet family.

  137. Rob said

    I know I’m one of millions, ir I hope I am, but this is a truly tragic tale. I’m profoudnly sorry for what has happened, and although I’m not religious, I hope in their case I am proven wrong and they can be together now. Rest in peace.

  138. Mike said

    Very little moves me to tears, but this tragedy has.

    Mummy and daddy will always be with you now, Sam.

  139. Shelly said

    What a sad sad story. Although I have never met any of you, I relate to this situation, my sister is severely mentally and physically disabled and I don’t know what I would do if she was to pass away.

    My heart goes out to their family and friends.

    RIP Kazumi, Neil and Sam.

  140. Matt said

    I would like to express my condolences to Sam, Kazumi and Neil, a very brave and courageous family. RIP

  141. Heidi said

    Good night, God bless xxx

  142. Deborah said

    It is such a tragic ending. My heart goes out to all who know this lovely family. How can this happen such a caring family. I can only say my prayers. Rest in the Lords peace together.

  143. John Moore said

    As a parent I am so moved by this tragic but noble story. These parents looked death squarely in the face and said “No! you will not separate us from our boy.” In our self-serving generation, their courage and devotion leaves me in awe.

    “many waters cannot quench love”.

  144. Russ said

    Very shocked and saddened about the news, wish i knew about this site earlier i would of donated for sure. i glad tho that now Kazumi, Sam and Neil are together once again. May i hope that they they all now rest in peace x x x

  145. Such a tragedy………..

    As a parent who understands the grief of losing a child I know the feeling of being unable to carry on because life is not worth living without your child in it.

    My son died suddenly aged 2 years and 3 weeks from an undiagnosed brain tumour. He died in his sleep. I have another son who was 3 months old at the time and he is my reason for living I think things may be different if I didn’t have him.

    Thinking of you all ^i^

  146. Andrew said

    That we only hear of such an amazing family after their passing is also a great sadness. Your pain is gone, your hearts no longer broken.
    Sleep well Kazumi, Sam and Neil.

  147. Vincent Mulgrew said

    Did not know you, but was deeply shocked/moved by the news

    RIP Sam, Neil, Kazumi, hope you all can now live together forever

  148. Angela Mitchell said

    I just want to express my sadness and some how joy too. Sam and his family sound like wonderful people and I can see how they touched peoples lives when they were alive. They have certainly touched mine just reading their story. Sam looks like such a gorgeous boy and I can only imagine just what a loss his death was. I feel humbled by the love his parents felt for him and although desperately sad for them all, I am so glad that he is not alone.

  149. Nick said

    The strength of love you had for your beautiful boy is reflected in his beautiful smiling face.

    I am not a religious person, but I will try and imagine for a moment that there is a heaven and you are now oblivious to the unimaginable heartache you have endured. Joy and peace to you all.

    x x x

  150. Bev said

    Hearbreaking story, one that makes you really really hope that we are reunited with those we love after this life. Bless you all, rest in peace.

  151. norman said

    just wanted to say as parent to a 5 year old I send my condolences and sympathies to sams and his parents family. so sad. RIP

  152. John & Diane Huckle said

    Bless you all and may you all be forever in peace and together.
    No tears and no goodbyes will you three feel.

  153. Fr. Peter said

    As a member of the Beachy Head Chaplincy Team we all weep and pray for them and as a father I simply do not have the courage to even imagine how they must have felt.

    Rest in peace together all three of you, in the arms of a merciful and loving God.

  154. Alison Fuller said

    Life is precious and Sam wouldn’t have wanted for this to have happened. Such a waste. So terrible that his parents thought falling from a cliff with their dead son in a bag was ever the right thing to do. I can’t comprehend it. The dead should be treated with respect. His parents must have been out of their minds with grief. My best wishes to their extended family for this added ordeal.

  155. Funky said

    What a shame, They must have been the truly most loving and caring person and sam must of had the best life he could have ever wanted even with hgis disabilties his parents probly made the world the best place for him. As somone else hsa said society has lost one of the greatest examples of a loving family that you could get xx God bless them

  156. Matt Somerton-Rayner said

    One of the saddest things I’ve ever heard. I was moved to tears watching the evening news today.

    My condolences to all involved.

  157. maggie said

    So very sad – we weep for all of you and what you had to go through. Absolutely sure however that you are all together again now, and Sam is no longer unwell – love and hugs to all three of you.

  158. Paul Cooksley said

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

    I am the proud father of two little boys, one aged 2 and the other aged 7. We are fortunate enough that our children are in good health. This tragic, tragic and so very, very sad story has really touched me.

    I cannot EVER imagine what it would feel like to loose a child – especially perhaps one like little Sam, who was obviously so very brave with coping with his condition.

    His parents were obviously EXTREMELY devoted and wonderful people – my heart goes out to them all and of course their loved ones left behind.

    I just hope that there really is a heaven and this remarkable little boy and his devoted loving parents will all be happy and rest in peace together.


  159. Gary Wood said

    So very, very sorry to see the news reports today, it’s heartbreaking what these poor people have been through and what demons have forced them to take this course of action.

    Just found out today my Mums got cancer and I’m in a somewhat state of shock, so death is very much on my mind.

    God bless this poor family, and hope they have found some solace somewhere.

  160. Kirsty said

    I just thought I had to come here and offer my condolences to everyone that knew Sam and his parents.

    Having only just heard of them due to this tragedy via the news, I cannot say I knew them, but their story has touched me and my family just as it mush have done to many others.

    RIP Sam, Kazumi, and Neil. You will all be together again now.

  161. Peter Bates said

    A truly tragic event. Such love and devotion is humbling. I cannot imagine the dispare and helplessness
    Neil and Kazumi must have felt, but their love for their child is clear.

  162. Amo said

    May god bless all your souls r.i.p

  163. Helen R said

    Tragic ending to a loving story. They sound like they were wonderful parents to a very special little boy. May you all rest in peace together.

  164. May they rest in peace together again. Euphrosene

  165. Jit said

    The smile and laughter is all a parent wants to hear… when that stops… What does one do? RIP and may your souls be united with God XXX

  166. Karina said

    Rest in peace, hope the beautiful brave boy is running free……

  167. Antoinette said

    May they rest in peace now. May they be happy together. I was so very saddened to read all about this tragedy. Such inspirational people. Please God take care of them.

  168. Ronan Curran said

    So, so sad. I’m absolutely taken aback. God bless and keep the 3 of you!

  169. Garry said

    Having been a military doctor for 26 years I have witnessed many very sad and tragic situations. None of these has ever touched me as deeply as the sad news of this very brave and obviously very loving family. I am not ashamed to say that I cried my heart out when I read their story. Humanity is such a wonderful thing, and I believe Neil and Kazumi have demonstrated the depth of their love for Sam with their final act. I wish there had been another way for them to have resolved their grief, but must respect their choice. I hope, with all my heart, that there is a heaven and that all 3 have been reunited in enduring peace.


  170. Ed said

    May you rest in peace. Was with great sadness I read this story.
    Im glad his short years were filled with such love from his parents.

  171. Syed - Malaysia said

    Very tragic….Sam, you remind me of my 9yr old son who has global developmental delay…same cute smile like yours Sam.

    Syed x

  172. KMP said

    Can’t beleive the news. Tragic. God bless and rest in peace. I will think of you all playing in the cherry blossom in Japan forever. X

  173. Carrie H said

    Words simply fail to express the sorrow that I felt reading this tragic story. It’s impossible to think why such wonderful people were dealt such a terrible hand, but it seems they were wonderful parents to Sam and he was so lucky to enjoy that unconditional love. May God Bless you and keep you all safe x

  174. Pat said

    May you find happiness and Peace together again in Heaven,

    You are still together as one family now.

  175. ilan said

    i read about this tragedy on the bbc website
    i have never visited the site before which is my loss, i wish i had
    Sam, Neil and Kazumi were clearly very special people the world is a lesser place with their passing
    i hope this web site remains as a memorial to them

  176. BrightonMidwife said

    A sad story to read today about such a beautiful family. May they have happy times together now and forever. And for their families and friends, you must be devastated but proud to have known them. My thoughts are with you.

  177. Tom said

    What an unbelievably tragic tale… god bless Kazumi and Neil and their beautiful little boy Sam.

  178. David said

    Such a shame, I am so sorry. I didn’t know any of you but am deeply touched.
    I hope you are all at peace.

  179. KTs Dad said

    Neil and Kazumi were obviously totally devoted to Sam. This is a tragedy of unquantifiable sadness. But it is a testament to the strength of the love that Neil and Kazumi had. As a dad I cannot imagine losing a child – the mere thought breaks my heart. I hope that you have found peace now you are all together again. Sleep tight.

  180. Kate said

    I didn’t know you guys but just felt compelled to comment. Sam had led an extremely rich and happy life with such devoted parents. What they chose to do as a result of Sam’s untimely death was so incredibly brave. My heart goes out to you, all at peace now. K

  181. Rebecca said

    Having met Sam, Neil and Kazumi at a Spinal Research event last year I was finally inspired by their love and hope to do the London Triathlon and raise just over £2,500 for Spinal Research. At any point during the triathlon that I felt it was too hard I thought of Sam’s smiling face, his tractor he had on his lap and Neil and Kazumi’s love, care and attention for Sam. I am so shocked and saddened by today’s news and my thoughts go out to their friends and family. RIP

  182. Rebeca said

    I am deeply sorry to hear about Sam, Neil and Kazumi. May their bodies rest in peace. Their souls are flying how hand in hand.

  183. Denise Thompson said

    How very sad to hear of this tragedy. I can only see that the parents were so devoted that they could not be here without Sam. At least they can have fun together in heaven with no more pain and suffering. Such a shame this world has lost 3 lovely people.x

  184. Dennis said

    So so sorry.

  185. sanjuro said

    I just read about this tragic event on the BBC site. This is really, really depressing they killed themselves following the death of their son, they should have known their love as parents didn’t need to end here.

  186. sunny said

    Extremely heartbreaking tragedy. Truly great the pain and emotions of the parents at the passing of their beloved son. May all of them rest in peace

  187. katie ogle said

    i am truely saddened. i cant even begin to imagine how these two parents must have felt. i am sat with tears. my love and thoughts and prayers are with you all. i pray you are reunited xo

  188. Nicola said

    So very very sad, i heard about this story on the news this evening and was just so moved that i had to say something, what a tragedy for everyone that had any involvement with this remarkable family. God

  189. Chris Gilroy said

    Sam you will be sadly missed by everyone, especially your school mates.

    Words cannot describe how tragic a story this is.

    Rest in peace all three of you, i hope you are all together.


  190. Stuart said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam.
    It has been a pleasure knowing you all over the last few years. You truly inspired me a gave me hope and dreams, it is with great sadness that I here this news and wish you all happiness on the other side.

  191. Susan said

    My thoughts are with the grandparents who have lost their son, daughter & grandson. My Sam & his parents be united in a new life.

  192. Sue said

    I just want to wish you all a safe journey to that better place, where sam can play.

    God Bless All.

  193. Janet said

    I didn’t know Neil, Kazumi or Sam. I’ve found this site from the news site. This is so sad I’m in tears as I write this. Life is so precious.
    I just wanted to say, goodnight and god bless to you all, may you all be together in heaven.

    God Bless.

  194. Anon said

    Very sad, god bless

  195. hannah said



  196. hannah said


  197. Nanette said

    I am so so sad to have only heard about this wonderful little boy and his family because of the tragic end to his short life. Sam sounds like such a joyful character and he was so lucky to have had such devoted parents. My thoughts are with relatives and friends who have clearly lost a very special family.

  198. Donna said

    This is so sad
    Life can be so cruel and the thought of losing any of my 5 sons makes me go cold

    Peace xxxxxx

  199. Essex Family said

    Rest in peeace . It seems only in death can this loving family achieve the togetherness they so wanted . As a father of three boys i can only imagine the heartache caused by the loss of a child

    our thoughts are always with you at this time

  200. Stacey said

    Sweet dreams! May you Rest in peace together! God Bless you all xxxx

  201. neil said

    Rest in peace now

  202. D Thomas said

    Heard this on radio Wales today while driving. Had to look it up tonight. Rest in peace you lovely family……

  203. Jeremy West Mares said

    How could anyone possibly imagine the extent of their pain? I pray for the friends of this amazing family, and for anyone who must cope with such a loss. Why is it that the world must lose such beautiful people in order to see how amazing is this life??? How sweet, and how bitter… Bless you Sam, Kazumi and Neil… I hope you are united in eternity.

  204. I am so shocked at this. I worked with Neil at RNIB and I have to say he was the best person I’ve ever worked with. Someone said to me today he was too nice, never complained about anyone! I really wish I could have done something to stop them doing this.

    Please keep us informed as to when the funerals are.

    If you are depressed please seek help from friends, family and the medical profession. Real friends will not think you are a burden.

  205. Catherine said

    The saddest story i have ever read. My heart goes out to all friends and family.
    I’ve never heard of such deep love and know that the family will be reunited in heaven.

  206. Bob said

    This is a very tragic story.

    I do not believe that there is a god and so I can take no comfort from the idea that they might be together in some other place. What inspires me is the love that they clearly felt for each other and the way in which that inspired other people who were in contact with them. There is great beauty in the interaction between human beings.

    It is tragic that the parents could not find it in themselves to talk to other people before they made the decision to end their lives. I know that it’s good to talk and I am resolved to make sure that I talk to the people I know and love so that they know they can talk to me when they are in despair.

  207. Milly said

    this touched my heart.
    just from reading the blogs, i can see just quite how much you cared for sam and what amazing parents you were.
    rest in peace
    you are forever in our hearts

  208. Pablo A. Nista said

    Escribo desde Tucumán, Argentina. Y lo unico que puedo decir es que me entristecio muchisimo la noticia. Espero que Sam y sus padres puedan descansar en paz.

  209. nicky said

    I never knew you but I can’t stop thinking about your beautiful fun-loving smile in one of the photos on this site. By the sounds of it you touched all who knew you in your tragically short life.
    May your friends and family take some consolation in knowing you’re with your mummy and daddy – no doubt enjoying being together again.
    so so sorry

  210. mr toad said

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there. I do not die.

    Rest in Peace

  211. carl said

    Rest In Peace all three of you, a special little boy and his mummy and daddy are up in the sky, all are in peace. I can understand what you did, i ust hope you’re all together again, thinking of you x

  212. George said

    Please accept my deepest and most sincere condolences to Neil , Kazumi and Sam’s family and friends.
    It is a shame such wonderful people and couple and family to perish like that.
    It is the most tragical story I have ever heard.
    Parents of the couple , you should be proud and lucky and blessed to give birth
    to the most wonderful people known to me.
    I would like to think and hope that there is a God and a paradise,
    and your loved ones are together again,in His arms.
    May they be blessed and remembered for ever and ever in our memory and prayers.
    May they rest now in peace.

  213. Nic said

    What a beautiful and fun-loving little boy Sam looks in his photos.
    I’m sure he touched everyone he met in his short but full life.
    Thinking of you sharing cuddles with your mummy and daddy somewhere new…

  214. Fernando said

    I am so sorry to hear the news, it has broken my heart…I have a son with special needs and being a parent of a kid with special needs is a lifetime commitment… may they rest in peace…

  215. Anonymous said

    Rest In Peace.

    This family have achieved so much. The photos of Sam are beautiful, he looks like such a happy and contented young boy.

    I’m filled with sadness to hear of this tragic ending for this family. My thoughts are with their family and friends.

  216. Vanessa said

    Mis condolencias a todos los familiares de esta gran familia.

    Vanessa Areizaga
    Puerto Rico

  217. clive said

    greater love there cannot be than a parent for a child. G-d bless them all.

  218. roger said

    i am a 59 year old Englishman with grown-up who now lives abroad but keeps in touch by computer and this tragic story is the most important news today, not venal politicians. i have very damp eyes as i write this.
    we must not forget this tragedy as i tells us about honest LOVE and should spur all of us to help others and work for improving human society.

  219. jen frank said

    it is totaly understandable how these two loving and caring pepole could not go on without their beautiful son
    there love is shining for what is left of us is love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  220. Charles & jeanette said

    We a both truly saddened to lose 3 loving and selfless people. We are the ones who benefit from their example.

  221. roy said

    what a truly sad storey.

  222. Howard said

    What intolerably sad news.
    I was unaware of the family or Sam but the love they had for each other is an example to us all.Sam seemed a remarkable boy.It makes you want to have met them all.
    I can only imagine the pain the parents went through and hope they have all found peace. Condolences to the frinds and family they have left.

  223. Chris said

    Sad, sad story. Can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like when your world collapses around you. Thoughts with you all. RIP.

  224. Lee said

    I feel so saddened by this tragedy. God bless the 3 of them! Now they’re all together once again in a wonderful place.


  225. Alejandro said

    desde España un pesame enorme…

  226. Rob & Nikki said

    This is the most tragic event I have ever read about. I want to help but can’t.

  227. Joseph said

    I am deeply saddened by the news, but I wish for Sam and his parents to rest in peace. May we all inspire to be such wonderful parents. May they be happy together forever.

  228. javier said

    Descansen en paz. Hoy celebrare la Eucaristia por ellos.

  229. Adam said

    Being the dad of a 5 month girl, I cannot fathom what Neil and Kazumi must have gone through, they are such heros. Children are never supposed to leave this earth before the parents. I am so sorry for the loss of this wonderful family and pray that they are now together. We are holding a prayer service at Al-amin mosque in Beirut, Lebanon tomorrow morning (8 AM), please consider coming if you are in the area regardless of your faith. I send my deepest condolences to the family. RIP and sweet dreams, you were too good for this world.

    Adam, Dana and Katiana from Beirut, Lebanon

  230. Julie said

    God bless you all.

  231. Diane said

    I cannot see my keyboard to type the words my head and heart are dictating… so you 3 precious angels that were needed back in heaven, RIP.

  232. Zory-PR said

    Well I can only says one thing. Im a mother, and Im think is something happened to my son, I cant beared it. God please take misericordy on these people, you know more than us.

  233. Graham said

    A tragic story. How sad it had to end this way. God bless you all. I hope and pray you are all together again in God´s kingdom.

  234. liz said

    I will give my daughter a huge cuddle and tell her much I love her everyday after reading this story, I know I take her health for granted and I never will again.
    RIP Neil, Kazumi & Sam, play together forever.

  235. Gillian said

    I have just read in the news about the tragic circumstances of the deaths of the parents of this amazing little boy.

    I hope their souls can be reunited and rest in peace with no more suffering.xx

    Sleep tight little angel, let your mummy and daddy hold you safe in their arms now xx

  236. George Burton said

    When they said they found a toy tractor in the rucksack, my sense of sadness was overwhelming. This is such tragic news. Sam reminds us how much we need to cherish what we have.

  237. Chihiro said

    Tears keep running to know this tragedy. I hope Kazumi, Sam and Neil are now all united, having fun together with lots of smiles.

  238. Jos said

    Didn’t know any of them, but how incredibly sad – no words really to express, but you can just feel how truly special they all were.

  239. Kerri said

    So unbelievably sad, sweet dreams to the 3 of you.

  240. Lorraine said

    I didn’t have the privelege of knowing this beautiful family but was deeply saddened to hear this news today.
    The only blessing is that will always be together in a better place. May your smile always bring happiness, Sam.

  241. James said

    Rest in peace all three of you. Life can be fleeting and short. God bless.

  242. ash said

    sam sounds like he was a joy to know and his selfless parents have demonstrated just how devoted they were to their little man-how sad for those who loved them to lose them so tragically.may they be eternally happy together

  243. Joe said

    The news of this tragedy touched me in a deep personal way. I wept, God bless them and grant them everlasting peace and happiness. Their undoubted love for their son is inspiring. Their extended family have my condolences.

  244. Mike Hawkins said

    The whole community of Westbury is shocked by this tragic news. What loving parents Sam had, and I can understand the total despair they felt at losing their son.

    May God grant them all eternal peace.

  245. tricey said

    This is a tragic story. I hope they can rest in peace and be a happy family together. Sam was a beautiful little boy with parents who truly loved him dearly.

  246. Zane said

    I didn’t know of this family until I heard the news today.
    I was moved by the sadness that compelled Neil and Kazumi to end their lives so tragically.

    I hope that if there is an afterlife, that they are all together and united in prefect spiritual harmony.

    God bless the three of you.

  247. zal said

    God bless this young family. Together forever in Heaven

  248. Marcus said

    What Sam’s parents have done has taken great courage. If anything happened to my daughter life would mean nothing.
    Let’s hope they are smiling down on their friends and loved ones.

  249. paola said

    lo siento mucho, hoy conocí la historia de esta hermosa familia… lo siento mucho, llegué por casualidad a esta pagina.
    que tristeza tan profunda para Neil y Kazumi… pero qué alegria tan inmensa de morir junto a su pequeño, para que Sam no fuera en soledad a ese viaje a los brazos de Dios.
    Yo haría lo mismo….
    descansen en paz, los 3, juntos…. para siempre….

  250. Jose Luis said

    Que Dios los acoja en su seno, y compartan, en su gloria, el inmenso amor que los une.

  251. Andi said

    My thoughts are with Sam, Kazumi and Neil’s families.

    Such a sad event.

    Andi (Eastbourne)

  252. Andrew said

    Such a very sad and moving story. Godspeed.

  253. Ian said

    As a parent, I don’t know what to say except, god bless you and I hope you are back together in peace.

  254. Jose Luis said

    Nadie tiene amor más grande que quien da la vida por sus amigos. Jn 15.13

  255. Otto said

    God bless you all and your souls rest in peace wherever they are.

  256. Heather and Simon said

    What tragic news. RIP Sam Kazumi and Neil

  257. steve said

    This is a demonstration of love at its purest and reminds me what impact children have in our lives.

    Rest, play and laugh together in peace.


  258. Jayne said

    My thoughts are with the family and friends. I can’t imagine what that family must have been through he looked like such a happy boy.

  259. debbie mitchell said

    i was so upset when i heard the news, how very very sad. as a mother i can understand how this family felt, i hope they are at peace togeather in a much better world. god bless you all

  260. kaii said

    i just had to share here after reading the news and seeing all of the kind and heartfelt messages posted. I lost my only child at nine months old i held him as he died and through my agony i saw the beauty and peace when a very ill child dies. i understand why sama parents had to take thid final journey with him. they were incrediably brave, for the person who choose these circumstances and this forum to tell us there is no god, i say we have a creator however we name that entity.

    i weep for those who are left behind, family and freinds i truely pray you will come together and help each other through this.greif is such a lonely place to be.the messages posted here, one day you will be able to draw comfort from them.

    do not be angry with sam,s parents because i know you never recover from the death of a child.
    i wish for you strenght and eventually acceptance and peace

    • sally weston said

      God bless you.

      May your so rest in peace, and I wish you and your family live a beautiful, happy and healthy life.


    • Karen said

      What nice things to say, from someone who has had the lid ripped off their own unimaginable pain . I hope you get all the things you are wishing for others and I also wish special peace and blessings for you.

  261. What a sad and tragic story.We hope that you all rest in peace.
    We were so sorry to hear of the news yesterday

  262. warren & masumi said

    We’re so very sorry to hear this tragic news. Our thoughts and prayers are with family and friends at this sad time.

  263. Jo Moore said

    How tragic, I am so so saddened for the loss of Sam and marvel at his brave mum and dad who choose to be with him.

    I hope they are all at peace and that their friends and family can take some comfort from the depth of their love for each other and their little boy.

  264. Emma Pearson said

    So very sad to hear this news, and my love is with both families. Neil and Kazumi were wonderful people with hearts of gold, and their son was a ray of sunshine in their lives.It seems that life is certainly not fair as this family had more love to give than anyone could know. The glass was always half full. I had the pleasure of knowing them, being only a small part, but enough to know how wonderful they were.This is very devastating. All i can or anyone can hope, is that they are together now. Much love to you all xxx

  265. William&Gina said

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Neil & Kazumi’s families; the loss of the wonderful son Sam whom they loved just so much, was just too much for them to bear.

    Together now and always in peace and harmony.


  266. Steve said

    God bless you all


  267. robbo said

    My heart goes out to their family. The saddest story I have read for a long time. I hope all three of them are in heaven together. RIP.

  268. learna said

    sorry to hear about you sam, and your mum and dad. i’ve been following you for a while now, and you’ve been a great inspiration to me. rest in peace, at least you are all together in a better place. and i hope you know, you will always be everyones little angel
    loved and missed by all and you’ve touched the heart of so many
    -learna xx

  269. bbhtestsite said

    This really is a very sad story, i am in tears for the anguish that this young family must have gone through having to contemplate life without their lovely little boy.

    My heart and prayers go with their families left to pick up the peices and rebuild there own lifes without them.

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam….together again, god bless you

  270. Sarah said

    Sam, Kazumi and Neil, eternally together, without pain or grief

    To the friends and family of Kazumi, Neil and Sam, I know how you grief is right now,

  271. Terry said

    I have just seen the tragic news regarding Sam, Kazumi and Neil.

    I am a single man and Ive never really been a “child friendly” person. I have never, until today really understood what it means to be a parent that loves a child. One can only imagine the sadness and loss that overcame Kazumi and Neil. Its clear that these two people loved their child and would have (and did) do everything they could for Sam.

    When one looks at the world today its hard to believe that there is a God and that there is something better after this life, but never have I hoped more, than I do now that there is a heaven for if there is, then surely this tragic family will be reunited forever. No more pain, no more worry, just pure love.

    Like many others that have commented here I did not know Kazumi, Neil and Sam before today, but this story has, for the first time in my life, shown me what it is to be a parent and what it is to love a child with everything that you are.

    Many they rest in peace and may they have an eternity of love in each others arms.

    God Bless x x

  272. roy said

    to all three sleep long but sleep well out hearts are with you x x x

  273. Diane said

    What a terribly tragic story and one which would not now touch so many if it weren’t for the actions of his parents who no longer felt life was worth living without him.
    But let’s make something good come of this … once the family had raised enough money for Sam his father asked everyone to continue to support Spinal Research “… a charity that is in desperate need for funds, but could transform the life of Sam and hundreds of thousands of people like Sam.” So when you turn your thoughts to Sam and his family spend the time to do something positive and donate to this charity!

  274. sally weston said

    Such a sad story… I can’t bear to imagine what they may have gone through.

    May they rest in peace. Inna lilla hi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.

  275. RAUL said


  276. Sarah said

    To the friends and family of Kazumi, Neil and Sam, I know how your grief is right now, as 10 years ago today my Mum and step Dad were found, after committing suicide. Time will bring some kind of sense to their decision, I think sometimes living is just too painful to contemplate.

    My thoughts are with you


  277. Pema said

    I cannot hold back the tears for the tragic loss of such a wonderful family. Though, I don’t know them until I stumbled across this news,it really broke my heart. May your love for each other see you all together even beyond death. Rest in Peace..Sam, kazumi and Neil.

  278. brett said

    Deepest sympathy to family and friends.

  279. Ashleigh said

    My thoughts are with the family. XX

  280. Anthony said

    I just said a small prayer with my son who will be six next month for Sam and his parents.

    May your wonderful son now sleep in your arms and may you now find peace in his happiness.

  281. Clare said

    God bless and rest in peace together.

    My deepest sympathies are with Neil & Kazumi’s families, and everyone at stuff4sam. Thinking of you all at this time.

  282. D said

    sam, i just heard of your story today and it’s so sad that i’m crying today at work for you and your family. i love your smiling face and am glad you’re finally able to run and play!

  283. Tara Kopinski said

    This is the saddest thing, I am so sorry for all loved ones left behind. What amazing parents, Sam was a very lucky boy. I am so sorry RIP.

  284. Father said

    As a father, I am heartfelt by this terrible news. Although I would normally not condone the parents actions, I really do sympathise with their situation and almost understand perhaps the reasons why they decided to take such a drastic step.

    God bless the family

  285. Carmen said

    Asi es el AMOR… enhorabuena, solo quien lo ha vivido comprendera vuestra actitud. En algun lugar estareis los tres juntos y felices !!!

  286. Anonymous said

    I dod not know Sam, but feel compelled to say how touched and moved i am of this trajic event and as a parent my heart goes out to the tremendous pain and strain Sam’s parents must have endured. May you all rest in peace and love.

  287. Simon said

    Sleep in heaven little Sam with your parents at your side.

  288. Rameses and Marie said

    Love is a bond that is so strong

    Rest in peace as you shall be together once again.

    God bless

    Rameses, Marie, Katie, Adam, Millie X

  289. Allan Nicholson said

    God bless all 3, xxx

  290. Anonymous said

    rest in peace together, this is heartbreaking

  291. Julie Grice said

    My heart is heavy with sorrow as I write this. I am a mother of three, Grandmother of four. Our children are our greatest blessing. Looking at Sam’s photos I can see in his eyes that he was a special little man. I can understand his parents could not wait in this wicked and sad world to be reunited with him. I know our Heavenly father loves us very much and that maybe He could’nt wait either to have such a special son come home to him. I will remember this wonderful little family in my prayers.

  292. Olivia said

    Im so sorry this has happened. Sam looks like a lovely little boy with brillant parents, hopefully you are all together where you can be forever. good bless xxxx

  293. linzi said

    Devastating news for the parents on Friday when Sam died, I can’t imagine feeling that much pain that I couldn’t go on.

    God rest all your souls.

    Together again xxx

  294. andyh said

    So terribly sad. I raised money for Sam. Now three people have died rather than one, three lots of friends and relatives mourning. Tragic yet pointless.

  295. lorene said

    I have just heard about this tragic news. I cannot express the grief that I feel for this little family and I did not even know them. They coped with whatever came their way with a loving, caring and unconditional attitude that most of us could do well to follow. I pray that they are at peace now and are resting together eternally. My sincere condolences to the families and friends of this lovely family. May God give you some comfort and peace at this tragic time of your lives and may he grant you the wisdom to know that they are now at peace together. May they rest in peace forever together.

  296. Gary said

    One of the saddest and most caring stories I’ve ever read. Sam obviously meant a lot to his parents, family and friends and everyone who shared the joy of his brief life. This isn’t the kind of thing I would normally do, but I’m glad I found this site so I could send my condolences.

    Bless you all, thinking of you always x

  297. Netty P said

    God Bless all three of you, may you all live happily together in Heaven forever more.

  298. Alexis said

    No Words……

  299. Gail said

    Anyone who has lost a child knows why this has happened – the pain is unbearable and the thought of living on without the sunshine of your life is almost too much to bear. For some it is far to much. My heart goes out to family and friends left behind – but please understand they needed to be together. God bless

  300. Mily said

    May Neil and Kazumi rest in peace, forever playing with their pride and joy.

  301. john said

    RIP Together

  302. Rashid said

    What wonderful people you were, rest in peace, your love will always be remembered

  303. Anonymous said

    sam, u are a lovely boy and i love ur smiling! god bless u and ur parents!!

  304. Edmundo said


  305. Nathan said

    Such a sweet family – I can’t imagine what they went through in the last few days. Rest in peace.

  306. Smyrna said

    I am truly sorry about this tragic news. May all rest in peace, God bless

  307. sarah jones said

    Our dear and much loved friends, we will miss you all so much. You all stayed so strong as a family.
    You are an insperation to a lot of people
    Love you and miss you all more than words can say.
    We hope you are all at peace together.

  308. Dave said

    God bless all three of you.

    Your together now forever.


  309. Baldbloke said

    A truly tragic story. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain and heartbreak that Neil and Kazumi must have endured.

    My heart goes out to their families and carers. RIP Neil, Kazumi and Sam; God bless their families, carers and friends.

  310. Scarlett said

    I was so choked to hear this sad story. I am sure you are all together now and may you rest in peace.

  311. Rhiannon said

    As Richard wrote earlier today, Neil and Kazumi are just the kind of people we want walking this earth. Now they are with their dearest Sam who, I pray with all my heart, is playing carefree. Two dear friends of mine, a married couple, took their lives simultaneously five years ago. I believe that all are welcomed warmly and lovingly into Heaven.

    Thank you, Kazumi, Neil and Sam. I didn’t know you but your story touches me, inspires and humbles me.

  312. Hilary said

    The right words are impossible to find.I was so moved to hear of this tragedy. I am so deeply sorry that Sam’s parents felt that this was their only option, but I can understand why. He was their entire life,and when he was gone they must have felt that they just couldn’t live with their pain and go on without him. My love and thoughts are with them, and all their family and friends. May you all find the strength and peace to get you through this, and know that you are in the thoughts of many, many people.

  313. Davina said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam‏ together you rest in peace, safe in heaven.
    God Bless.

  314. Jason knights said

    I can’t begin to imagine the pain they must have felt to do this. I hope and pray that they are all together in a better and happy place. I am a farther of 3 and this story has brought me to tears.


  315. Davina said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam‏, together you rest in peace safe in heaven.
    God Bless.

  316. Chris Scott said

    The greatest joy in the world is seeing your children born. I suspect that losing a child must cause the most desperate, unbearable pain. God bless you all.

  317. Haiqing said

    It’s so so sad, you are together now, rest in peace xxx

  318. Andrea said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam, you are all together now happy and free from the pain you all suffered, such devotion to each other and such love.
    may you all rest in peace

  319. robert said

    hand in hand forever. rip

  320. angela norton said


  321. LYNN said

    May you all rest in peace. Night night and god bless xxx

  322. martyn clarke said

    from my family to yours,
    our thoughts are with you tonight

  323. Carrie said

    Tonight heaven has 3 very special Angels. You can now become a family once again.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and friends.

    May God Bless you all.

    Carrie and Family.

  324. Antonia said

    Rest in peace. x

    Love to all family and friends. x

  325. Honj said

    I miss my son so much, I am so truly truly sorry, Your love cannot be measured.

  326. Emma said

    I only knew of the family as I work for the company that supplied Sam his beds and had the pleasure of dealing with Neil on a few occasions. I can’t express in words, how shocked we all were at the company to hear the sad news. Our love and thoughts go out to all their family and friends.

  327. EMcG said

    What a terrible tragedy, I hope they are at peace.
    Sincerest condolances to the families and friends of Neil, Kazumi & Sam.


  328. karen said

    R.I.P very sad news, but totally understand, be in peace together x

  329. JoJo said

    From what I have seen and read, Neil and Kazumi were completely devoted to Sam. Their hard work achieved much for Sam and they obviously had a huge network of loving, caring family and friends. They were strong people who had go through the cruel car crash and I believe they would have had the strength to carry on but they chose instead, perhaps because of their beliefs, not to let Sam be alone in death and to join him.

    They loved him, raised him, nurtured him in life and perhaps just couldn’t bear to think of him all alone.

    Whatever religion, whatever beliefs they may have had, they were a family who lived and died together. I hope the rest of the family and friends can overcome their personal grief and be thankful for the happiness that Neil, Kazumi and Sam had together even if it was for only a few years.

  330. George said

    In time to come if I have the chance to meet Sam and his incredibly caring mum and dad in heaven it will be a privilege I will treasure.


  331. Boleyn said

    The sadness that my family and I feel is outshone by the knowledge that the angels have Neil, Kazumi and Sam together forever. God bless you are an inspiration to the word love x

  332. Jason said

    All three of them have earned their rest.
    Sams parents couldn`t wait to be reunited with him
    and when they are, Sam will not have to suffer as he has done here.

  333. jilly said

    A statement of true parental devoution, your actions were honurable. May you rest in peace together, and be at peace forever.

    Though I did not know you, you have touched my heart. xxxxxx

  334. Dan said

    I didn’t know them, but my heart reaches out to all those who have been touched by your lives and have suffered so much at this terrible, terrible loss.

    Truly wonderful people, a tragic loss to their families, their friends and all of us. May they rest united in peace

  335. Ender Mujica (Venezuela) said

    Me acabo de enterar de esta historia de SAM y la de sus padres. Y me dió un profundo dolor en el alma. Soy padre y parafraseando a al Poeta Venezolano Andrés Eloy Blanco: Cuando se tiene un hijo se tienen todos los hijos del mundo.

    Que Dios los reciba en su lecho, los una en la Eternidad y en la tierra nos de la fortaleza, sobre todo a sus familiares y amigos cercanos, para superar tal dolor y seguir adelante.

    • Cristina Martinez said

      Que hermoso poema… La verdad no suelo simpatizar en ocasiones con la tragedia humana por que muchas veces la ocasionamos nosotros mismos pero la historia de esta familia la verdad hizo que se me partiera el corazon. No puedo imaginar el dolor tan grande que pasaron y tener que tomar una decision asi. Se que ellos estan en el cielo por que se que dios no castigara un acto de amor tan grande como este…

  336. Emily Saunders-Wage said

    My condolences. What a tragic story. But it proves how devoted these parents were to their wonderful son and how they couldn’t bear to be apart from him. It is a comfort to know they will be reunited.
    My thoughts are with the family and friends they leave behind.

  337. Anonymous said

    i am afraid people whom do such things are very selfish.

    • Elaine said

      To “Anonymous”

      At this sad time, judgemental comments such as yours are inappropriate and hurtful. Sam’s parents showed they were the most UNselfish parents who did everything for their child, and loved Sam with all their hearts.

      My daughter died from pneumococcal meningitis like Sam. I do know, a parent’s loss of a child can never be understood by others unless you’ve ‘walked a mile in their shoes’ …. and no one would ever wish that on another soul. The pain is unbearable.
      I’m sure, that the friends and family of Sam and his parents know of the pain and intolerable grief Sam’s parents were in, and in their own grief for the family, understand and don’t think them ‘selfish’ as you do.
      I believe Sam and his parents are now happily reunited. They loved each other so very much.

      To the family and friends of Sam and his parents, my heartfelt condolences.

      “Safely Home”

      I am home in Heaven, dear ones;
      Oh, so happy and so bright!
      There is perfect joy and beauty
      In this everlasting light.
      All the pain and grief is over,
      Every restless tossing passed;
      I am now at peace forever,
      Safely home in Heaven at last.

      Elaine (Brisbane, Australia)

    • Pom said

      Who the hell are you to say that they were selfish? Neil and Kazumi are thee most devoted and selfless parents I have ever heard of. People like you make me sick. The world is a worse place with people like you around.

  338. Bill, cheltenham, glos said

    this is so sad, I have a small daughter who was very ill not so long ago, its only then do you really feel what unconditional love is.

    Rest in peace little Sam, keep smiling and make sure you hug Mummy and Daddy each night…becasue they gave up so much to be with you.

  339. Tony said

    It’s incredible to think of the heartache these remarkable parents suffered. A true inspiration to the rest of us.
    If there is a next world, I trust you will be together as a family again.

  340. Martyn Webster said

    Together again.

    God bless the 3 of you.

    Deeply saddened by this tragedy.

    Martyn, Agnieszka, Ayrton and Tommy.

  341. Rafael Novielli said

    All my love and understanding to this beautiful family. Their tragic end made me realize how selfish and stupid I am, worrying about little things. I will take this tragedy as a wake up call to help people around me

  342. Chris and Christine Dyer said

    I met Sam and his parents through my work. I visited to carry out a couple of small jobs on some of Sam’s equipment, nothing special.
    They were always so grateful for everything such a lovely couple and Sam a nice happy boy despite the problems he had. We are so so shocked and sadened by this truely awful news.
    Christine and I saw them last a few weeks ago on a sunny bank holiday Sunday at a local garden centre just doing what all families do, having a coffee, buying some plants and Sam trundling around in his chair, all of them the picture of happiness.
    How things can change so much in a few weeks just doesn’t bear believing.
    We both hope that wherever you are you are reuinited, with Sam restored to you and at peace.

  343. Kyon said

    I’m a single man with no children so I cannot even begin to imagine what Neil and Kazumi went through after the death of young Sam. I don’t know the family at all, having heard about this from the BBC News website, and yet here I am barely able to read the screen through the tears reading this heartbreaking thread.

    This world has too many examples of parents who couldn’t care less, and here we have the tragic loss of two parents who loved their son so unconditionally they must have felt it was impossible for them to continue without him.

    May they all rest in peace without sadness and without pain, and my sincerest condolences to their family and friends.

    Kyon (Hampshire, UK)

  344. Julia said

    So very sad. The strain of caring for a chronically ill child is immeasurable.

  345. Sarah said

    What a very sad story but what a close and loving family.

    I pray that you are all at peace now.
    God bless you all.

    My heart goes out to you, your family and all those who knew and love you.

  346. Don O- California USA said

    so so sad..but as a parent of a young child, I could not imagine the sadness they felt. It is with a heavy heart that I wish them eternal happiness together, wherever they are. My thoughts and prayers go out to you all and your family.

  347. The Gouws said

    Rest in peace to Neil, Kazumi and Sam. God bless you all.

    Herman, Helen, Sarah, Olivia (Sydney, Australia)

  348. Anthony, Glossop, UK said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam…

    May you rest in peace – I hope you are all walking together in the sunshine, free of pain and suffering, together in your eternal love.


  349. Anonymous said

    This is truly devastating to read about.

    One can only hope that the love of this family and the strongest efforts of their Community will reach out to the hearts of everyone, despite the tragedies that befall us everyday.

  350. Fredy said

    Esta noticia nos rompe el corazon. Que gran ejemplo de amor de unos padres a su apreciado hijo. Que Dios reciba en el cielo a Sam, Kasumi y Neil y les guarde para la vida eterna!!!

  351. Phil, Bromsgrove said

    Such a deeply saddening story, I was in tears when I read of this. Such beautiful love and devotion for their son in life.

    Rest in peace and love, forever a family.

  352. Alex Hardy said

    So sorry to hear about this tragic news. RIP

  353. As a bereaved parent myself, my heart goes out absolutely to the tragedy to befall this family and the consequences thereof.

    Their grief, too much to behold, is as understandable to me as it is inexplicable, perhaps, to others.

    Light a candle, raise a glass, say a prayer – whatever it is you do.

    They’re very much in my thoughts tonight.


  354. James said

    I admired their dedication to their son Sam, and all that they did to make him happy. I understand their grief.

  355. Anonymous said

    love and peace xxx

  356. Ma. Aurora ( MEXICO) said


  357. Anonymous said

    How absolutely tragic and what a hearbreaking story. I am a mum of one and cannot imagine the intense pain this family has felt.

    I sit at my desk at work with tears in my eyes writing this.

    I can truly understand the pain would be too much to live with.

    May you all be happy together, wherever you are…. Rest in Peace and happiness.

    My thoughts are with all freinds and family xx

  358. Carolyn said

    I’ve cried so much today!

  359. Stacie (Pennsylvania) said

    This is a very upsetting thing to happen, but I completely understand why they did it. A parent’s love is unconditional and neverending. May they all be together in heaven, RIP Neil, Kazumi, and Sam. Though I did not know you, your story has touched my heart forever. May you all be at peace forever and always in the hands of God. xxx

  360. […] Tragic news It is with great sadness we have to share the terrible news about Neil, Kazumi and Sam. Sam died from meningitis on […] […]

  361. David Watkins said

    I read this story in the press and as I put the pieces together my heart shattered with the terribly sad news.
    Together they are now, and I can only hope that they will be together in happiness forevermore.

  362. Isabel said

    I never heard about this little angel and his family until today when I read the news on the internet and I was shocked.How big and beautiful is a father’s love.God will give them peace for sure and they will be together in heaven.

  363. Craig said

    The death of any child is tragic and as a father I cannot imagine anything worse. Neil and Kazumi were devoted and active parents who did everything to make Sam’s life happy. But their deaths are not tragic, or heroic, or brave. Rather this is a tragic waste of very talented and motivated people.

    After a period of grieving, as long as they needed, would not a more fitting tribute of their love of Sam have been to continue to raise money for spinal cord injury research in his name and honour?

  364. Kalenga said

    A wake up call for all of us on cherishing our family as much as these parents did for wee Sam. God has them by his side now. The foot soldiers who gave up their lives to prick our conscious into realising that there is good in the world with enough family love that they all died together to fly as angels to heaven.

  365. Erwin said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam, rest in peace.
    May your friends and family find comfort that you are all together now once again and your physical suffer on earth is over.
    There is no word to describe how painful it felt even though we don’t know you all before this day. My only comfort is the picture of the big smile on Sam’s face, knowing that he was happy.

  366. Anonymous said

    Hey Little Sam I’m not going to cry
    But I’ll tell you what I am going to try
    I’m going to smile because you did
    I’m going to smile just like a big kid
    And hey Neil and Kazumi you too okay?
    You made that smile anew everyday
    Please be smiling wherever you all are
    Cos wherever it is it’s just too far

  367. Nick said

    Tragic & saddening.

    In my thoughts – Nick from New Zealand.

  368. Alix said

    My heart goes out to all Sam’s relatives, friends and family.

    Such a tragic story, I am so touched by Sam’s parents struggle, determination and love.

    For Sam, at least now you are truly free, with no constraints to your earth-bound body. May you and your parents rest in peace.



  369. Christchurch Family said

    I mentioned this tragedy to my husband and my 4 year old son. And was met with silence, so tragic. Words are indeed trite. Aroha Nui little one, look after your mummy and daddy. And Neil and Kazumi, rest now…xoxoxo

  370. Bronwyn said

    My condolences. I don’t know what to say. So sad x

  371. Abigail said

    I cannot imagine the pain Sam’s death caused his parents. Their hearts must have been unbearably heavy with grief.

    The pain is over now, and they are together. RIP

  372. Nak said

    RIP Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

  373. Jo-Ann said

    May the three of them rest in peace…

    Just curious, what happened to Cosmos?

  374. Tracy, Singapore said

    I was heartbroken when I read this tragic news. Sam has the most wonderful mummy and daddy who are devoted to him. God bless you Sam, Neil and Kazumi, sleep peacefully together, happy and free from pain.
    My thoughts and prayers to their friends and family who were blessed to have such wonderful people in their lives.

  375. Dan, Nottingham said

    My sympathies to the families, and I hope that Sam and his Mum & Dad are all happy together again now in Heaven.

  376. Tim King from Australia said

    When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful


  377. felix said


  378. Mikelsdad said

    As a dad to a 1 year old, I understand though thankfully I don’t have to relate. The only way I can think of to pay homage is to give my son an extra long hug tonight. I’ll never forget you

  379. Beck (Sydney, Australia) said

    Love is so much bigger than life.

    Rest in peace xo

  380. laura said

    el amor lo puede todo.
    que este mismo amor los guie hacia la luz.
    descansen en paz.

  381. Shane Pilkington said

    words cant describe how sad this is. rest in peace Neil, Kazumi and Sam


  382. Mark said

    I didn’t know Sam, Neil and Kizumo.

    but hearing their story sure puts ones own everyday problems into perspective.

    at least they are together and their pain has passed.

  383. Vin said

    A very sad story, such loving parents and a beautiful child, I hope they are together in peace now.

  384. TTLExpired said

    Rest in Peace. I hope you’re together, happy and healthy. Nothing will separate you now.

  385. Wen Feng said

    Rest in Peace Sam, Neil, Kazumi. Being a parent myself, I am so very touched by your unconditional love and so saddened at the loss of three very good people.

  386. Michigan, USA said

    This is so sad. May you all rest in peace.

  387. Joe Gibson said

    My prayers go to Kazumi, Neil and Sam, may you rest in eternal peace in Gods love
    The world has surely lost a loving and caring family
    Rest peacefully,

  388. Neil, Kazumi and Sam,may your soul rest in peace

  389. Neil, Kazumi and Sam,may your soul rest in peace…

  390. Anonymous said


  391. Jenny, Michael and Jack said

    I was actually angry with my 2-year old boy only because he didn’t want his lunch. Then I heard the heartbreaking news about this family. I burst into tears and also realize how lucky I am. Rest in Peace, Sam and Daddy Mummy, thank you so much for teaching me to appreciate every normal day I have with my son.

  392. Thomas Yit said

    May you all rest in peace.

  393. Rest in peace, I am sorry this happened, and I hope you are together now, wherever you are.

  394. Esteban said

    I am trying not to cry but it is difficult after reading that. It is a love tragedy.
    Rest in peace all of them.

  395. Becy said

    RIP beautiful family……The unconditional love of Neil and Kazumi is so tragic..yet I feel they are all now together in a really beautiful place.

  396. Kit said

    Rest In Peace… Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

  397. Helene said

    How sad this story is.
    It is hard to comprehend for me, so I can’t imagine how those who knew Sam, Neil & Kazumi are feeling.
    Thoughts and prayers to family and friends all the way from New Zealand

  398. Sophie said

    Oh my gawsh… that is so sad

    sam was a brave little boy

    may him and his parents happily rest in peace

  399. Susan Wood said

    I read this story in the news today and it’s tragically bittersweet devotion and what happened has my deepest condolences for the family and friends of these people.

    Much love.

  400. Fernando, Puerto Rico said

    Rest in peace Sam, Kazumi and Neil… Words cannot describe the love for this parents for this child and the sad truth of letting him go,I bet they are all together now with no worries watching that beautiful smile of Sam, this is a true life lesson I will never forget

  401. Bella, France said

    My deepest sympathies to all the family, friends and carers of Sam and his loving and devoted parents.

    May they now rest in peace together.

  402. RSG said

    This is one of the saddest things I have read. I sit with tears running down my face and can think of nothing to say except the world seems unfair, in the the worst possible way, at times.

    I hope to never again complain about such ridiculous things as I have in the past.


  403. Al said

    Au revoir, Sam, Kazumi, and Neil.

  404. Nick said

    Mere words seem so trite and banal when you hear the story of Sam, Neil and Kazumi. Let me just say I wish more people had had the chance of meeting you. Your love and devotion was example to us all. Rest in peace.

  405. Cristina Martinez said

    When I read this I dont knew who they were, but it breaks my heart. I dont understand why the doctors cant do anything for saving the life of Sam. When I read the decision the parents made make me cry more because I cant imagine living without the son they love so much. Is so unfair this lovely family have to pass this when there are ungrateful parents and kids who only destroy each other. And I know this family are in a better place where there is no pain and they can see their little boy running and playing with them… This is real a case of a true and inconditional love… Rest in Peace

  406. Val said

    I heard you on the radio this morning, friend of Sam, Neil and Kazzumi. This is so sad – pull together to support each other now and know that you did all you can for your friends.

  407. Rachel said

    I can’t explain how much this tragic tale has moved me, may Sam, Kazumi & Neil rest together in peace without the constraints of this world.

    With love and sadness.

  408. Arthur said

    U2 sing: “This shitty world sometimes produces a rose,
    the scent of it lingers and then it just goes”

    Little Sam and his Mommy and Daddy.

  409. Graham said

    I heard the radio interview this morning on R4. As a parent I was so moved. I sit here in the office, tears in my eyes thinking how this tragic event puts all our ‘issues’ into perspective. God bless them now….

  410. Jose Antonio said

    Lo siento muchisimo, Que Dios este con vosotros, Descansen en Paz.

  411. Kawamura said


  412. Alice said

    I believe Sam’s smile and his parents’love will always keep in people’s heart.

  413. Tasha said

    I never had the privilege of knowing Sam or his parent Neil and Kazumi, but I followed his progress via my and their good friend Henny and seeing photos of Sam’s winning smile always made me smile too.

    They were an inspirational family who had overcome insurmountable odds in the years since Sam’s accident and they touched the lives of so many people around the world.

    The profound sense of loss and hopelessness they must have felt on losing Sam breaks my heart and I hope that they are all now at peace together.

    My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with their families and friends.

  414. gemma said

    que descansen en paz, y sean muy felices con su niño en la otra vida

  415. Keith said

    “May angels lead you in”

  416. Ian said

    This is such a sad and tragic story that I can think of nothing else at the moment.

    I am not religious but I do know how strong the love for a child can be. No-one can really know how they would react if soemthing similar happened to them.

    Truly this family’s situation puts other daily worries and concerns into perspective and tells us that we should cherish every moment that we are with our families.

  417. Carole said

    Like many others I have not had the privledge of knowing the family but it most definitely comes across that many peoples lives were enriched by Sam with his courage and determiation and that of the total love and devotion of his parents.
    I very much hope and pray that Sam and his mummy and daddy are at peace together.
    I pray that family, friends and carers can find the strengh to cope and support each other. My thoughts are with you all.

  418. Rebekah from the United States said

    I read the story this evening and I am just so saddened by this news — my heart goes out to this family and their many friends and all the people this family touched around the world. I hope so fervently that these parents have been reuinted with their son and that the pain and suffering are far behind them. The picture of this young family together, the husband’s gentle face and the mother’s bright smile, is just so heartbreaking. People all over the world are discovering this family’s story and feeling the terrible loss.

  419. Alex said

    Love lifts us up where we belong…..
    Angels wherever you are, please help them rest in everlasting peace.

  420. Paul Murray said

    May the 3 of you rest in deserved peace. The turmoil you were in must have been understandably huge. Such sad news. I have just read in the papers in Ireland the reports and am deeply moved by this tragic event.

  421. Donna said

    Heartbreaking, no words seem right.

    I hope you will always be together wherever you are.


  422. Ben Caspersz said

    I met this family a year ago and they made an amazing impression on me – you could feel the love glowing from the three of them.

    Words can’t explain how sad this story is.

  423. Annie said

    It’s such sad news to hear that the world has lost a loving family
    May you all rest in peace

  424. Mariko said

    As a mother of little boy, I can only imagine the saddness Neil and Kazumi must had felt after the death of their lovely son.

    The News broke my heart, I felt total saddness but at the same time, I felt to previlaged to know little about the family. Such an amazing family, full of braveness, love and care.

    Wish all of them are togather in heaven.

  425. Denis Ireland said

    I am in tears as I write this. May they all rest in peace now. They are together again but it should have been in this life. Life is bad sometimes. Why do good people have these problems?

  426. Anonymous said

    I’m a father of a special needs child. I dont I’m affraid believe in any after life. I do however, totally understand their feeling of not wanting to be in this world without their Sam. We are fortunate that our son has a loving brother and sister who, when the time probably comes, will I’m sure help us through the pain of what must be one of the worst things that can happen to loving parents. Without them who know what road we would find ourselves going down.

    Rest in peace.

  427. John said

    I’m a father of a special needs child. I affraid, I dont believe in any after life. I do however totally understand their feeling of not wanting to be in this world without their Sam. We are fortunate that our son has loving a brother and sister who, when the time probably comes, will I’m sure help us through the pain of what must be one of the worst things that can happen to loving parents. Without them, who knows what road we find ourselves going down?

    Rest in peace.

  428. Simon-Project Electrician said

    My deepest condolences to Neil & Kazumis family. Two of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

    I am so sorry to hear of Sams passing & can understand fully their choice of not wishing to carry on without Sam in their life.

    I carried out the electrical installation at their house for the adaptation for Sams needs & I hope that the little time he lived their he enjoyed his surroundings. I especially remember installaing an Aeroplane Light above his bed chosen by his devoted Dad. The building project added a lot of stress to their lives & financial loss to myself due to the selfish collapse of the builder, all this pales to in insignificance when I consider their loss. I will draw courage & inspiration from Neil, Kazumi & Sam & will remember them for the loving parents & kind people they where. Rest in Peace

  429. Gabrielle said

    There are no words…

    The world has been made a more beautiful place for the short time the three of you inhabited it. This kind of love and devotion extends beyond the grave.

  430. Eva, Jose Antonio y Javier said

    Rezaremos por ellos, que Dios los tenga en su gloria.

  431. Lucy said

    What a truly heartbreaking story. RIP x

  432. Warren C said

    It sounds like Neil, Kazzumi and little Sam were an amazing family. What a sad, sad loss to the world. I hope that there is an afterlife, and I hope they have enternal happiness together. It’s the very least they deserve. Rest in peace. xx

  433. Kim said

    I hope that the three of you will be happy again together free of the bonds of pain and suffering. No one knows what the future holds but we must enjoy the precious time we have. As a mother of three beautiful children I cannot comprehend the saddness that these beautiful people must have felt but I know I want to hold my childrens hands forever and to hold them close when they are frightened. Love to you Sam, Neil and Kazzumi and may you now rest in peace. xx

  434. Chris & Steph said

    We hope all three of you are together again……..Forever !!…x

  435. Geoff Coker said

    Huggs and kisses remembered in our hearts. Go on together in happiness.

  436. Jonathan said

    Me ha sobrecogido esta triste y desgarradora noticia esta mañana. Creo que muchos pensamos que el suicidio es un error que no deberían haber cometido, pero que si nos acerca a comprender nimiamente el sufrimiento y la desesperación de esos padres por una perdida tan grande, como la de su hijo.
    No me queda mas que expresar mi mas sincero pésame a los familiares y el deseo de que estén juntos donde quiera que sea y que sepan que permanecerán en mi corazones por siempre.

  437. Carol C said

    So so sorry to hear of this news – it stirred us very deeply when we heard it on the TV news. Hugest condolences and love to those of you who loved and knew Sam and his family. I lost my first baby and know well how desperate it can make you feel, but am so sad that they chose the outcome they did. Love to all of you with all my heart xxxxx

  438. Stuart said

    As a father of a 2 year old son, I am heartbroken to read about these tragic events. Life can be really cruel, and sometimes dreadfully unfair. I draw strength from the knowledge that Sam only felt love and happiness in his short life, and that he knew how much his parents loved and cherished him. I pray that Sam and his mummy and daddy are now in peace, playing and laughing together in heaven. God bless you all. The world has been touched by you and your spirits will live on in the minds of many.

  439. Jon & Jen said

    Our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

  440. Catherine said

    Awful story… Great loss…
    So sad that the parents could not see their OWN value.

  441. Daniel & Samantha, Warrington said

    May you be together forever and Rest in Peace.


  442. David, Edinburgh said

    Its clear from this website that Neil and Kazumi were totally dedicated to their son and his happiness and had so many hopes and dreams for the future. Heart-breaking to think how their whole world and dreams must have come crashing down after their son took ill.

    An awfuly sad and tragic story but one that also re-affirms my belief in the human spirit.

    Knowing that so many people were willing to help and donate money to help thier son must have meant so much to the parents – just wish I’d known about this webiste before so could have done my own bit to help

    My thoughts are with all the family’s relatives and friends, and all the carers and everyone else who helped make their son happy.

  443. Laura said

    My thoughts and condolences go out to every family member and friend of these wonderful people. They epitomise the devoted, committed and loving family that seems to be so rare in today’s society. As many have said, the world is a lesser place without them; a beautiful family and devoted parents that the world needs more of.

    To all those people that come on here to make unhelpful, careless and thoughtless comments – based on their own ignorance, lack of compassion and understanding, shame on you. Who are we to judge what terror, grief and heartbreak Neil and Kazzumi were going through? Can you even imagine getting to that point, where ending your own life is the only way out? Can you imagine how you would feel if the one person that made life worth living,is no longer there to live his or her life themselves? While we pray that this tragedy does not face any other familes, the sad truth is that it does. Daily. And when it does, to be so uncaring and heartless is less than helpful. I just hope it never happens to you.

    Rest in peace, together.

  444. Andy Jones said

    This is the saddest story I’ve ever heard off. Truly, truly awful.

  445. David & Karen said

    A tragic story that has touched us both deeply.

    Our heart felt condolences to family and friends of Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

  446. Melvyn Bowler said

    What a humbling and inspiring story and tragedy.

    My complaints are as nothing when put against what Sam, Neil and Kazumi had to deal with, and overcame.

    I had never heard of them before today, but I am inexpressably saddenned, and my heart goes out to them. If love conquers all, they are truly conquerors.

  447. Jo the Hat said

    Too sad for words. Love to you all. Jo

  448. I have tears in my eyes as I type this.
    What a painful and tragic set of circumstances.
    Rest in peace you beautiful people.

  449. Steve said

    Very sad news hopeing you are at rest now Neil, Kazumi and Sam.together in happiness

  450. JG said

    A heartbreaking tragedy. Words cannot express the obvious devotion these parents had for their son. My heart goes out to their friends and family.

    Rest in peace


  451. Karl said

    So sorry not to have known you all. So sorry not to have been able to help. God bless you all

  452. donna said

    as a mother i listened to the news and it humbled me and put into perspective my insignificant problems of parent hood. my heart goes out to them and their friends and family they left have behind.

  453. HLP said

    我真的很感动,这是怎样的一个家庭。你们的爱永存。 上帝保佑你们。他永远与你们同在。

  454. Craig, Surrey said

    I am humbled by the Love and Devotion showed to Sam by his Mummy and Daddy. So many people feel they have the right to judge others and maybe I am in that bracket, however, what Neil and Kazumi did just goes to show that these decisions are never black and white.

    Rest in Peace Neil and Kazumi……..Rest In Peace Sam. Your short life has given joy to so many people

  455. FromSpain said

    Sam, Neil and Kazumi, Rest in Peace.

  456. rafa said

    muy triste los hechos

  457. Mark said

    As new parents, my wife and I are deeply moved by this tragic story. I’ve thought of little else since reading about the story yesterday. We just want to express our condolences. I can’t believe some posters are pronouncing their bigotted judeo-christian judgements on the situation. If this happened to my child, I’m sure what Neil and Kazumi did would go through my mind as well. Bless the three of you.


  458. Pippa said

    Sam, Neil, and Kazumi, hope you all rest in peace and are together now. Your story is heartbreaking. You have touched so many people’s lives, and reminded us of how lucky we are to be loved.

    I am so lucky to have two amazing children and a wonderful husband. I love them so much.

    “How wonderful life is with you in the world.”

    Bless you all! You will be missed.

  459. RIP all, hope they enjoyed the life they had together.

  460. Martin Hall-Kenny said

    I cannot begin to express my sadness that this couple felt there was no other solution. I cannot begin to imagine how much pain they must have felt. Rest in piece Neil, Kazumi and Sam.

  461. josu said

    triste, muy triste. Un dia creemos que lo tenemos todo y al siguiente no tenemos nada. Sobreponerse a algo así es muy duro y es triste pensar que la alegria de ayer no podrá ser recuperada jamás.

  462. Joan said

    Sam, Neil and Kazumi are inspirational in their family love and unity, and wonderful parents following SAm’s accident in particuar. It is so sad that this has happened and I send my thoughts to their family and friends x

  463. John said

    Rest in peace Neil, Kazumi and Sam. I believe it took great courage on the part of Sam’s parents to do what they did. As a parent myself I can only guess at the pain and grief they must have suffered. I believe that they are now reunitied and beyond pain and suffering.

    God bless.


  464. Katie, a mummy said

    The thought of losing a child is most unbearable. To lose Sam to meningitis after coming so far from his horrific accident must have been, understandably, to hard to bear. God bless them all.

  465. Hassan said

    RIP Sam, dad, and mum. If there is a heaven then surely you are all there.

    But I want to know if there is a God, how can he let such things happen? And if life is a test, then what is He testing?

  466. Leo from Argentina said

    I m sure you re in heaven right now. Rest in peace.

  467. David said

    I am a pretty jaded, cynical individual and not easily affected . On hearing the trajic events leading to this poor familys suicide I was deeply moved.

    For all those religous zealots arguing about the afterlife, Get a life first !

    My thoughts go out to all remaining family.
    My wife is Japanese and we argue on a daily basis and I am driven to the edge of sanity by my two children. I realise how lucky I am.

  468. Lin said

    As a new mum, I can only imagine the amount of love & sacrifice Neil & Kazumi made for their son. From all accounts, they are truly inspirational people. I’m no good with words but for their respective families, I hope this helps :

    ‘For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.’ – William Penn
    ‘When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.’ – Kahil Gibran

  469. Keith said

    Rest in peace together.

  470. Darren the fisher said

    Very moving and touching, i hope you are all reunited, much love.
    God Bless

  471. Justin said

    Rest in Peace

  472. Becky said

    I believe there are now three people skipping through a summer meadow. Hand in hand, with lots of family sized giggles to fill each and every day ahead. With the brightness of the sun, paled by the warmth of their love for each other, this day and always.

  473. Amanda said

    Shame on you Exiled Dub Mary…Sam’s parents must have felt such loss and pain, how arrogant of you to make such a judgement!

    Rest in peace Neil and Kazumi with your beautiful boy Sam…

  474. Joanne said

    So sorry to read this news – such a tragic story, and what a beautiful little boy in a wonderful family

    Rest in peace Sam mum and dad

    Jo Stan Sam Kate and Lizzie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  475. Craig said

    May your spirits all share love together for time eternal.

    Rest in peace

  476. A Mother to a 5 year old Boy said

    A very very sad situation; may they all rest in peace. May friends and family find strength to remember the good times shared and overcome the darkest of days.

  477. Nathalie H said

    Little Sam, mum and dad,

    My thoughts are with you all. May you now find solace and comfort in Heaven!

  478. Zeng Yi said

    Rest in Peace. You’re now all together.

  479. Warner said

    La vida es un Ratito

  480. Barry Morse, Redditch UK said

    The thought of losing my little boy is totally unbearable.
    This sort of tragic event reminds us how lucky we are to love and be loved by those who mean the most to us.
    My life would never be the same if I lost my boy or my wonderful wife.
    Such a tragic and sad story, I am not religious at all, but if there is indeed a heaven or someplace else, I hope you are all there together in peace.
    Life can indeed be so terribly cruel.

  481. Mina said


    I’ve deeply sudden by this. All I can do is they are all together in somewhere hand in hand, doesn’t matter if you believe in God or whatever as at least Kazumi & Neil were sure to meet Sam.
    I have never known them but I wonder they maybe chose this way to live as family in other place.

  482. Jill said

    One of the most tragic stories I have ever heard, I can’t stop thinking about Sam and his Mummmy and Daddy.
    May they now all be at peace together in God’s safe keeping.
    God Bless

  483. Jesus de Baldoma said

    Acabo de leer la noticia en la prensa española y he quedado consternado.
    Una lástima un final tan trágico.
    Saludos desde Barcelona

  484. Gus said

    Nicola and I worked with Neil at Hemscott years back. We always thought of him as one of the nicest fellas you’d ever meet. A tragedy and a very sad day.

  485. A Father of 3 said

    What a tragedy, rest in peace together the 3 of you.
    god bless you

  486. Andrew said

    Sleep well, no more pain now

  487. westbury mum said

    RIP now the three of you are all together the angles will look after you all now…

  488. Simon & Jenny Mount said

    As parents to a 3 month old called Sam, we can empathise but only barely imagine and comprehend the heartbreak and loss of little Sam. Why did life have to be so much of a struggle for this little one? It’s a cynical world at best sometimes, but now there is a little less sunshine in the world now without Sams presence and that of his devoted caring parents.

    May your God bless you, and re-unite you. You all deserve to be together and at peace.

  489. Sarah said

    May this beautiful family rest in peace, my thoughts and prayers are with them and those left behind.

  490. So sorry to hear about Sam and his family, I’m sure Sam will be remembered for a long time by the many people he inspired to live life to the full.

  491. Rin Nelson said

    I sobbed heavily when I read about this story. What selfless, loving dedicated parents they must have been! And what an adorable little boy Sam was (from his photos). As a mother myself, I cannot imagine the grief they must have felt since their only child was in that terrible accident. Everywhere they turned in their house, they must have been reminded of Sam. Its devestating and tragic it has all ended like this. I pray that God Almighty watches over them with a gentle and kind hand. RIP Pattick family! Perth, Australia

  492. Gaynor Brooks said

    God Bless xxx

  493. keli said

    i didnt know the family but this story has really touched and saddend me rest in peace the 3 of you x

  494. Rachel S said

    It broke my heart to hear about this tragedy, I can’t imagine the grief Sam’s parents must have been going through, I just hope they are all together again now. Love and prayers to everyone that knew the family.

  495. Jane said

    What a beautiful little boy – this is so sad,his mum and dad must have been devastated. I hope they will all rest peacefully xx

  496. AmyP said

    Such sad,sad news
    God Bless the family at peace together.

  497. Tracey said

    There are no words adequate. Rest in peace x

  498. Emma said

    May you all rest in peace x x x

  499. Lucy said

    What a tragic heart-rendering story! This just shows the pure love that Sam’s parents had for him, i cannot imagine how they must have felt to lose Sam to meningitis after all they had been through with him.

    My love and thoughts go out to all their families and hope that one-day they will be able to find peace.

    God bless and i am sure they are all together and happy now xx

  500. Amrit said

    To love, here and beyond XXX

  501. Virgil said

    So, according to the BBC, he had died and had been pronounced dead by a doctor 4 days earlier. Surely any truly loving parents would have thought about a better of way of dealing with his 4 day old body rather than stuffing it in a rucksack, stuffing his toys in another, then driving 140 miles and leaping off a cliff. Look at the Tim Parry / Johnathan Ball website for a positive way of dealing with tragedy involving the death of a loved child. How about some sympathy for those poor souls who had (literally) to clean up this mess?

    • Antonia said

      Comments like this do not help all those who were touched by this tragic event. The decision to end it all cannot have been easy and none of us is in a position to judge Virgil.

    • Sharon, Noreen, Danusia said

      This is a website for people to share their love, grief and sadness for what has happened to these 3 beautiful people. Your comment is inappropriate and upsetting. Please next time think before expressing unwanted and wholly insensitive opinions.

    • Sch01ar said

      What pompous nonsense! Any sentence starting with “So.!” is usually a lecture by some armchair academic. Virgil, people aren’t celebrating Neil and Kazumi’s final actions, but their devotion under duress which has come to light so tragically.

    • Pom said

      Virgil – You haven’t got a clue have you what true love and devotion means? Probably because you are such a small minded scummy person that no one has been compelled to feel that way about you. The world would be a better place without you or your opinions.

    • a friend said

      was not going to post as they are my friends. but why r you here. there has bin so meny lovely comments and words from the heart of so meny good people some that are hurting for what ever reason in their life and some that have just bin touched.

    • Stuart said

      This does seem one of those situations where if you want to say something like that, better to keep your mouth shut (free speech et al notwithstanding). I don’t think you are in a position to judge whether they are truly loving parents (which you clearly doubt) – everything else written about them in life clearly indicates they were – do you have a child of your own. Your lanaguage as well is rather worrying “dealing with his body”, “clean up this mess” – you don’t even bother to express any condolences.Your posting name probably gives away what a pompous person you are.
      What amazes me in contrast is the breadth of the reaction from all over the world from many different cultures and how many people have have used the same or similar phrase to the effect of never having been so moved.

    • Helen said

      People like Virgil always seem to judge people and situations they know nothing about. How self righteous can you be? Obviously compassion is not this person’s strongest virtue.

    • Helen said

      Virgil, your comments are cruel and unnecessary. Is there a way of deleting this person’s post? I can only imagine how the Putticks’ friends and relatives would feel reading something like this. Please go away.

  502. Stacy Quinn said

    Such a sad story, but so lucky you have had the chance to love eachother and have done so much good and raised money for such a worthy cause.

    Be safe wherever you are now xx

  503. Maz said

    Such a heartbreaking story. Condolences to all family and friends.

  504. Andrea said

    Saw this on the news. So very very sad. What a lovely smile Sam had. I can understand his parents feelings and the desperation. He must have left a huge hole in their lives. RIP all of you xxx

  505. Ben B said

    Such a tragedy. My heart goes out to the whole Family. I cannot begin to imagine Mum and Dad’s anguish at losing Sam. xx

  506. Liam said

    Such a sad story of a wonderful happy child and parents smiling through pain and adversity. It breaks my heart when something like this happens to a lovely family like Neil, Kazumi and little sam.I know you are all in heaven now, no more pain just big smiles and lot’s of love and laughter. God bless you xxx

  507. yo said

    I’m about to cry.

    Con seguridad están en un mejor lugar ahora, juntos. Recemos por ellos, por su familia, y para que noticias como ésta no se repitan.

  508. Rachel said

    This is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard. My sympathies and love go out to the family and friends of these 3 very special people. RIP.

  509. A Wellwisher said

    As a mother of a disabled child who will also become paralysed over time, I can only offer my heartfelt respect to Sam’s whole family, and friends. I have been deeply saddened by this story even though I have never met you. Whilst I am sure Sam brought so much happiness into his mum and dad’s lives, he was very lucky to have them as parents, I’m sure they did everything possible to make him happy and enjoy his short life.

  510. jacqueline said

    What a tragic tale. One that has clearly touched complete strangers, everyone I have spoken to has shed tears when discussing this story even though they do not know the family.

    I cannot imagine the pain they must have felt or the place they had reached to take this decision, but as a parent, I have the fear of loss but no comprehension of what it actually means and hope I never do.

    Life is too short and should not be taken for granted. I cant wait to get home to my child for cuddles.

  511. Colin said

    This world needs more loving, caring mothers and fathers. For this to happen to a family who were obviously so close, devoted and loving is a tragedy beyond words. My heart goes out to them and those left behind who now have to find the strength to think about a tomorrow without them. Peace and love to you all.

  512. Sean B said

    This is a cruel world we live in. As a parent one can understand your actions, borne from unconditional love and unexplainable affection for each other. Those actions have forced us all to remind ourselves how lucky we are with what we have got. God rest your souls. Go rest high on the mountain.

  513. Anonymous said

    May you all rest in peace, God loves you and knows best.

  514. Mummy to a 4 year old boy said

    How awful. I can fully understand why they took the decision they did. It seems they were loving, devoted parents – why can’t more people be like this?

    Rest in peace together wherever you are


  515. jacqueline said

    To exiled dub and the other heartless ignorant individuals out there who have had the audacity to comment, this is not a forum for your preaching, this is a tragedy and not about you or religion.

    This family are clearly more selfless than you can ever hope to be and whatever is out there, you will get what is due to you.

    I hope your comments are removed from the site.

  516. Suzy said

    I have also had the pain of loosing a young son. May the family be re-united and at peace. Our hearts are with you all.

  517. Mo said

    Like many others, I was moved to tears by this tragic story.

    Words are insufficient to express the sadness.

    RIP little Sam, Kazumi and Neil.


  518. Ronnie said

    Spending my life working with children whose value their parents know not, it broke my heart to read about this family.
    God take them all three and wrap your arms arond them.

  519. Kelly said

    God bless you all. Together now and forever, may you all rest in eternal peace. How much you must have loved that little boy, how blessed he was to have such devoted parents. The world is a worse place without your spirits here with us.

  520. Phil Cahill said

    Exiled Dub Mary- what kind of insensitive animal are you? I can see why you were exiled. So easy for youi to strike at the dead parents of dead child

    God bless Sam, Neil and Kazumi

  521. tina said

    how very sad and tragic my thoughts and prayers are with sam his parents and the family left behind rest in peace xxxxxxx

  522. Valerie Barnes said

    I did not know Sam Kazumi or Neil. But I do know Beachy Head a beautiful tranquil place that if I was leaving this world it is where I would want to go.
    I thoroughly understand why Neil and Kazumi did what they did. There is no other choice as far as I am concerned. When you love, as they so obviously did, how can you go on, to me it would seem selfish I’d feel guilty.

    This is a cruel, unjust and very unfair world when we hear of the dedication these two people put in to Sam’s short difficult life and then we see Karen Matthews and Baby P’s mother.

    May they all be together now happy, free from pain and suffering

    • Pom said

      Valerie you are so right about this cruel and unjust world. People like Karen Matthews and Baby Peter murderers carry on living with us paying to look after them and beautiful wonderful people like Sam, Neil and Kazumi have to leave. It’s a sad world we live in.

  523. Al said

    Sleep well.

  524. david said

    Yo habria echo lo mismo. ahora los tres juntos para siempre. paz y amor para vosotros.

  525. Peter said

    We nearly lost our 4 year olddaughter 18 months ago to meningitis, we where lucky. But if she had died i think we would have taken our lives too, so understand the pain they felt. I hope they rest in peace and feel so sorry…..

  526. Stuart, London said

    Such a sad tragedy, my thoughts go out to the family and their terrible loss. People should always be aware there are other ways to deal with such grief, I understand how people can go through this act in times of mass grief and hardship, for anyone listening, be there for your friend, family even enemy when they are at such a low point. Life is to be celebrated and lived as long as physically possible.

  527. Diana said

    condolences to the family. so sad..

  528. Sal said

    My Heart goes out to all effected at this very sad time, I only heard of this through the news coverage – Sam sounds as though he was a very brave little man, I cannot even think of how his parents must have felt at their loss. You are all back together now – R.I.P xx

  529. Jackie said

    I just wanted to say this is one of the saddest things I have heard but it is so very understandable.

  530. Amanda said

    Dear Sam, Kazumi and Neil,

    Your story breaks my heart. Why do bad things happen to good and loving people? God bless you all; I will pray for you to be together always.

  531. Brendon-Portsmouth said

    As a father of a 6 year old daughter, I know how great the feeling is of having someone that you love and cherish above everything else, but I could never begin to understand the anguish or loss that Neil and Kazumi went through over the loss of Sam, who for all to see was obviously a wonderful little boy.
    I am sure I speak for all parents when i say, that their acts, while sad in the extreme, show how much they were unwilling to be parted from their dear son, and how brave they were for taking this course of action.

    Rest in peace

  532. mark said

    My thoughts go out to you,this is such sad news and so heartbreaking,may you rest in peace

  533. Gillian Mitchell said

    I was so sad when I saw this in the news. I hope you are all at peace together x

  534. Pam said

    With my love and understandung.. Be At Peace

    That’s what we ask.
    The truth is,
    we may never
    be able to know
    for sure why.

    But we do know
    that there is no single
    “should have done”
    or “could have done”
    or “did” or didn’t do”
    that would have changed that why.

    All that love could do
    was done.

  535. Brittanni said

    In the arms of the lord now ..together again

  536. Maripo said

    God bless little Sam and his loving parents.

  537. tricia said

    what a tragic story! ex dub mary should be ashamed of herself!!
    Sam, I have no doubts that you,your mummy and your daddy are now in heaven – a true shining star xx

  538. Angie, London said

    What an absolute tragedy and a story that has left me in tears. I never knew the family and neither can I begin to imagine the unbearable pain they must have been in to choose such a way out. My heart goes out to their family and friends.

    May they rest in peace xx

  539. John K said

    Is “unbearably sad” the only comment anyone can make on this event?
    Don’t misunderstand me: my work involves trying to help people who have experienced painful and traumatic events of all kinds and my heart is open to this little boy and his parents.
    But surely “unbearably sad” and similar comments represents a BEGINNING rather than a last word?
    Instead of hiding behind sadness and tears and expressions of sympathy, wouldn’t it be a better tribute if we used this tragedy to start to look a little deeper into life and its meaning? And deeper, I mean, than all the ready-made, one-size-fits-all solutions offered by the organised religions. If the poor parents had managed to do this they might have been able to find a different outcome.

  540. Gemma Derbyshire said

    This is such a tragic loss. Why do these terrible things happen to such undeserving people? May you all be at peace now together in heaven.

  541. Julie-Anne, London said

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

    I wish I’d heard about Sam and his fantastic parents, followed their remarkable journey and seen this website before the tragedy.

    R.I.P. to three very special people and prayers and condolences to the family and friends left behind and the people who supported them xxxx

  542. becky said

    Such a heartbreaking story, how life can throw so much at some people and despite it all this family lived and loved to the fullest. May they rest in peace x

  543. William said

    Anyone who has lost a child, or almost lost a child can understand what they did and what they went through – especially considering how Sam must have been the complete centre of their lives. Even if you would not have done it yourself, if you have truly been close to a similar situation as I have, you could understand it. No one has the right to judge or preach in a forum such as this. I send my heartfelt wishes to both families and hope they will find some comfort in the worldwide understanding of this tragic circumstance that illustrates how deep love for a child can be.

  544. Anisa said

    The parents lived for their child and died for him too – what devotion, dedication and love; they simply could not go on without him. Such a tragic and sad situation. May God provide them all with heaven, together forever. xx

  545. Catherine - A mother said

    Rest in peace with your gorgeous little boy. You will be together for ever now. What a tragic story, I can understand the love for your child so much you were unable to carry on without him. God Bless

  546. Virgil said

    From the theme of many of the posts on here, it seems you cannot have really loved a child who has died unless you desecrate his body and jump off a cliff. What an insult to the millions of parents who have had children die and not done the same.

    • Lucy Sobrero said

      Oh please no insult to you. You are so so courageous and selfless. but every situation is different. They loved their child while he was alive, just like you do. It was their choice to die with him; not love but grief. Please do not feel insulted.

    • Virgil….

      I am a mother to a severe disabled son of 19… and I could not “die” if I lost my boy, that I adore because I have other children, but a huge part of me would die if I lost him … Sam’s parent’s lived for him…. Without him they could not go on and YOU have no right to question that…. let alone comment on it!

      They did not “desecrate” his body… they where grief stricken, If you had a heart you would recognise that. Your comments are not wanted nor valid in this tragic, emotional situation.

      RIP Sam and Family x x x

    • Simon & Jenny Mount said

      I don’t think you understand Virgil. For Sams’ parents, this was their life, to solely devote themselves to their little boy, and look after him unquestioningly. With little Sam gone, what was left for them? Sam was literally their life, the one shining beacon of hope, and showing their love and devotion to this degree, in this day and age, is such a rare thing.

      It isn’t your place to question this. I wonder why you do.

      • Well put Jenny & Simon…

        You understand x

        Bless You x

        I live every day being spat at, spoon feeding my non verbal son, changing his nappies.. I have done it for 19 year’s and if I am lucky enough I will continue to do this for my Billy… I fight for everything… I dream of a pool for him to relax in… no boot’s no pad’s, nothing.. I will never be rich enough for my dream to come true but I 100% understand the thinking of Sam’s parent’s……
        Shame on you Virgil………

        You have no right to accuse the parent’s of Lovely Sam… How can u say they “desecrated” his body !! He was with his Mummy and Daddy……
        Together,a family…..

        YOU r a selfish, cruel minded individual…..
        Hope this never happens to you….
        Humble pie..
        Have a slice x Hope u Don’t CHOKE.

    • Stuart said

      No expression of sadness or condolence – what a strange post. I just wonder whether you are a parent

    • Ed said

      Is this the same Virgil who made the asinine and mean-spirited comment at #501? Quit stalking this website and spreading your vile here. People come here to pay their respects, but it seems you just want to be rude.

  547. Mike said

    As a Father of 3 with a 5 yr old at home I would like to wish friends and family of little Sam all the best. A truly heart breaking story. I sincerely hope the 3 of you are happy in a better place as a family once more.

  548. Victoria said

    I was very sad to hear this terrible news. It’s a mystery why things like this happen. I can only say that I’m sure they Sam and his parents are all together now up there in heaven. May the good Lord bless them.

  549. Sam's Mummy said

    May you be together always in death as you were in life…so sad, I couldn’t imagine losing my son Sam (meaning “his name is god”). Rest in peace Angels. Goodnight x x x

    Fly, fly little wing
    Fly beyond imagining
    The softest cloud, the whitest dove
    Upon the wind of heaven’s love
    Past the planets and the stars
    Leave this lonely world of ours
    Escape the sorrow and the pain
    And fly again

    Fly, fly precious one
    Your endless journey has begun
    Take your gentle happiness
    Far too beautiful for this
    Cross over to the other shore
    There is peace forevermore
    But hold this mem’ry bittersweet
    Until we meet

    Fly, fly do not fear
    Don’t waste a breath, don’t shed a tear
    Your heart is pure, your soul is free
    Be on your way, don’t wait for me
    Above the universe you’ll climb
    On beyond the hands of time
    The moon will rise, the sun will set
    But I won’t forget

    Fly, fly little wing
    Fly where only angels sing
    Fly away, the time is right
    Go now, find the light

  550. Jennifer Rodwell said

    On My First Son
    by Ben Jonson

    Farewell, thou child of my right hand, and joy ;
    My sin was too much hope of thee, lov’d boy.
    Seven years thou wert lent to me, and I thee pay,
    Exacted by thy fate, on the just day.
    Oh, could I lose all father now ! For why
    Will man lament the state he should envy?
    To have so soon ‘scaped world’s and flesh’s rage,
    And if no other misery, yet age !
    Rest in soft peace, and, asked, say, Here doth lie
    Ben Jonson his best piece of poetry.
    For whose sake henceforth all his vows be such
    As what he loves may never like too much.

    my prayers and sympathy to those who knew this family-

    rest in soft peace, little sam, with your mother and father who loved you more than life.

  551. JustAMum said

    I can’t begin to imagine the devastation Sam’s parents must have felt on his passing; so very sad and condolences go to the family and friends. May the deities smile upon the family in the summerlands

  552. Ruth said

    Rest in peace you lovely, lovely family! My heartfelt sympathy to all you have touched and left behind.

  553. a mother said

    The love of his parents who couldn’t go on without their wonderful little man has pulled at my heart so much. To all friends and relatives and those that knew the family I am so sorry for your tragic loss. Such a brave family too, what an awful thing to have happend to them all. I hope they are all together resting and smiling in heaven. May you all rest in peace. God bless you all. sleep tight.
    Much Love. xxxx

  554. Darrel Ball said

    I just wanted to say how sad I feel for Neil, Kazumi and Sam. I am a single father of a 5 year old son who I love dearly, so I think I can understand the torment Neil and Kazumi felt. I have not been able to stop thinking of them all since I heard this terrible news. If anything is right in this world they will all be happy together where they are now. Rest in peace

  555. Jon said

    a heartbreaking story, my thoughts are with those of you who knew them all.

  556. There are no words its just so sad

  557. M G said

    God bless all three of you



  558. Anita said

    Goodnight and God bless little Sam, together forever with your Mum & Dad. Condolences to the families & friends left to cope with such a sad loss. Rest in peace. A family reunited in death but forever in heaven.
    Much love xxx

  559. Liss said

    What a remarkable family! Rest in peace Neil, Kazumi & Sam.
    My heart goes out to their loved ones in this tragic time. May you have peace knowing that Neil, Kazumi & Sam are together for eternity.

  560. Auntie To A Beautiful Angel said

    My phone would ring and I would dread answering it, the reason being my brother. He and his wife were grieving for their 1st born child a Daughter, my Beautiful Baby Niece, my brother could see no reason to carry on. Unless your in this kind of situation, no-one can say how or what they would do, and it is certaintly not for us to judge. Fortunately for our family, we were able to get my brother past his grieve and he now dotes of his two little girls, the elder knowing all about her big sister. She’s at an age when questions are asked and one answer we always have for her is, ‘she’s with grandad, who will never let any harm come to her and by day she plays in a beautiful garden with him and at night she’s the brightest star, taking care of you and your baby sister.’ So, to a brave little boy named Sam, I hope your playing, smiling and making your Mommy and Daddy laugh. May you all rest in peace together. Deepest Sympathy to all your family and friends at this sad time x

  561. Caley said

    Understand how they felt, wasn’t ‘brave’ enough to go through with anything quite as drastic, poor, poor souls. R.I.P xoxoxoxox

  562. A mum said

    Sad but beautiful, Sam was lucky in the area that matters most, his parents loved him beyond all other things and it shines through in his photos.To leave thier own lives behind so that they could to contiue to be with him and care for him is a love so great that the sadness pales beside it. If all parents had just half this love for thier children the world would be a very diffrent place. My prayers are with in your contiued journey together and for your friends and family left behind.

  563. Kimberley Morris said

    My heart thoughts and prayers, such a tragic story of lives of devoted parents and a gorgeous child cut short. Cant imagine the pain they went through. I did not know them but this story has explained how loving the parents were

    Would love to give a donation for this family , My thoughts to the grieving relatives and friends


    Let the angels help you and love you and that you all live together pain free and in Love

  564. karen(nottingham) said

    I have read with interest and so much sadness the posts on this very tragic family.
    Neil,Kazumi and Sam all deserved so much more than the hand they were dealt, to have sam so badly injured at 1 yr old to pull through all that then to lose him to an illness that can happen so fast without warning i just had to write my thoughts are with all of their family and friends at this very sad time.
    I lost four of my children and the only thing that kept me going was the fact that I had another child at home who needed me otherwise i would have done just what Neil and Kazumi did.I also felt that I could not go on without my child.
    Most parent love their children and would gladly die for them, the loving parents of Sam did just that.
    It is a sad world we live in made all the more sadder now you have gone from it.
    May your spirits shine among the stars in heaven brightly forever.R.I.P

  565. Nicky Washida said

    From one anglo-Japanese Wiltshire family to another – God bless you all and we pray you are together and happy once more.

    To those loved ones that remain – you are in our thoughts.

  566. Holly From Herts said

    This story is one of the most heartbreaking things I have ever heard. I have read most of the posts on this site and I believe that we all just hope and pray that Sam, Kazumi and Neil are together once again in Heaven.
    No matter what our religious beliefs, we all know that a parent’s love outweighs everything else – and for this, we must all be grateful. Perhaps this will make us all take stock for a moment and forget out ‘little’ problems and remember that Neil and Kazumi had parents (and probably siblings) who are wretched in their grief of losing 3 members of their family.
    May you all rest in heavenly peace.

  567. wendy said

    when you are sorrowful, look again in your heart, and you shall see in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.

    sam neil and kazumi you are all safe with the Lord

  568. Karen Jackson (RNIB) said

    So shocked and deeply saddened to hear the news yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are with all of Neil, Kazumi and Sam’s family and friends. It is quite clear for all to see you were the most loving, caring, devoted and wonderful family and you simply could not bear the pain of losing your beautiful Sam. So sad that you had to leave us but hope you are now at peace together forever.

  569. Nicola, Jason and Family said

    I’ve sat here for 30 minutes trying to write something. The only thing I can think to say is how brave a family this was. Our thoughts and love go out to everyone in this family.

    Tonight I’ll say a prayer that you and your family can find peace.

    With Love.

  570. Samantha said

    I am so very sorry to hear about this tragedy, I did not know Sam or his parents but as a mother myself this story has touched my heart. They are all together again now, at peace.

    God Bless x

  571. Rob (somerset) said



  572. Kim said

    To those family and friends left to cope, Remember …

    Psalm 34:18
    The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

  573. Michael said

    As a father of a four month old daughter, I am sitting here in front of my computer crying.

    May you all rest in peace. You deserved a good life and I think you had one as long as your son was alive. You made it a good life. You were good people.


  574. sue said

    r.i.p all 3 of you xxx so sad

  575. Anonymous said

    Heartbreaking news 😦

    RIP to all 3 of you

  576. Neil said

    This is so sad. It makes you think how fragile life and love is. Rest in Peace all three of you. God bless.

  577. sarah a mum said

    How sad.
    No one can know the depths of pain and grief these people felt, but its clear how very much they loved their little boy, and how much he taught the world, more than most of us can hope to bring to the world in a long lifetime.
    some souls are so perfect that they are not in this world for long.

  578. Anonymous said

    Sarah m
    This can only be described as a tragic loss of Sam, Neil and Kazumi. They were a lovely family. Sam always had a great big smile on his face no matter what. Neil and Kasumi were the most devoted parents to Sam. You all will be sadly missed and will always be in our hearts and minds. Rest in peace together. xxxxxx

  579. Lucy Sobrero said

    Nothing but love, sympathy and thoughts for this little brave family and all their loved ones.I cry with you. Lucy

  580. hannah said

    this family’s story will be with me forever. I have walked around all day with them on my mind, at times making my skin crawl. The love they had for their child, his incredible smile and how unjust this is.
    I will always remember you all and will make a donation

    Rest in peace

  581. mummy2one said

    God bless the 3 of you…so saddened to hear this news but at least you are all together now. R.I.P XXX

  582. Diane said

    I can’t remember when I heard anything ever as tragic as this. Such a beautiful happy family. How cruel can fate be?! God bless you. Life is so terribly unfair. My heartfelt condelences go out to the family. It is all too sad to bear. R.I.P together eternally xxx

  583. Natalie said

    It breaks my heart to think of the pain and suffering this poor family have been through, and how strong their love and devotion was to their beautiful son. I understand that they were so heartbroken that they felt they simply couldn’t go on without him, but I’m also so sad for the family and friends that they left behind.
    If there is a heaven I hope that they are all together now, peaceful and happy. My thoughts, love and condolences to those left behind.

  584. Simon Gausden (Suffolk) said

    Simply tragic news, like so many others i never knew the family, but i am genuinely saddened beyond belief that such a loving family unit has been lost.

    Rest in peace Sam, Kazumi, and Neil, may the Gods and Goddesses grant you peace and love

    Blessed Be


  585. Seema said

    i am so sorry!!!!!! I am so upset to hear about this!!!!

    Sorry i am only 10 so I can not realy say much!!!


    • Barbara said

      You said all that needed to be said, so no need for apologies!
      It was very kind of you send your wishes.
      It’s nice to know that as young as you are, you still cared enough to post!

  586. Carol said

    I heard this sad news on the television. What a wonderful family, so full of love. I cannot begin to imagine Sam’s parents pain when he died. May they rest together in peace. I send my sympathy to all those who loved them.

  587. Jo said

    I am unbelievably saddened to hear what has happened. What incredible parents Sam had for the 5 years of his life.. I hope you will all be at peace together now. My sincerest condolences to the family xxx

  588. Emma said

    I’d never knew of Neil, Kazumi and Sam until this week but it is so very sad. Sam looked such a happy little boy in the photos and his parents seemed so devoted to him. What an awful conclusion and upsetting for everyone who does know them.

    They are all back together as a family again but so very very sad.

  589. Jo said

    What wonderful parents you had Sam they gave the ultimate sacrifice for you and now you should all rest in peace and in the knowledge that you are all now together in a far far better place. My deepest sympathy to all who are left behind but they should hold in their hearts the love and devotion that this tragic couple showed for the love of a child. God bless you all x

  590. Tearful mummy said

    Just to say that times like this its hard to believe in a God but there must be a heaven to welcome two such devoted parents and one brave little boy. Thoughts are with the extended family and friends

  591. Catherine said

    May they rest in peace together. RIP xxx

  592. Dermetrius said

    A terrible tragedy, it saddens me greatly.I did not know Sam but I am a parent and looking at his pictures on the site helps me understand his parents Neil and Kazumi they must have all loved each other so much. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their family and friends.

  593. Andreas said

    i saw it on a german news site… made me cry!

    andreas from austria

  594. Qynn said

    Dear Sam, Neil & Kazumi,

    I understand.

    With many tears and with deep sadness, you will be missed. This world will be a worst off without your selfless love and devotion.

    For those who come here to judge and to be so righteous, shame on you! This is neither the place nor the time to speak ill of the dead!

    RIP Sam, Neil & Kazumi.

  595. mo said

    This is one of the saddest things I have ever heard; I could not imagine how it would feel to lose a child; there would never be an escape from the pain…I so hope that the three of them are together somewhere and at peace…..what wonderful parents they were, and how much love Sam must have had throughout his life.

  596. Heather said

    It is very tragic when something like this happens. My heart goes out to all the family, xxxxx

  597. Tom said

    Sam, Kazumi and Neil,

    all what life should be about is LOVE!
    Without love there is no true life!!!
    You really lived your life to the fullest,
    you were the happiest family in the world.
    It was a short life for you Sam, certainly not easy, but very rich and full of love, because you have the most caring and loving parents anybody could imagine.

    I am a father of a 5 year old daughter, so I can feel and understand what love means, and how hard it would be without the little happy sunshine that means everything to us.

    The world would be a truely better place with people like you!

    Please don´t forget to send a happy smile from your sunny clould up in heaven.

  598. Sahara said

    A note to all of Neil and Kazumi’s family and friends.

    I can not begin to tell you all how sorry I am for your loss.
    Neil and Kazumi have reminded us all of the depth of love and commitment, we all need, to make this world a better place. They have touched us all. Their love for Sam – so entrenched- as it should be for our children, is a reminder that they knew what was important, their time, attention and commitment to Sam. So entrenched that they knew it was a commitment in this world and the next. I pray for your peace and understanding, but above all that they are together now.

    As a parent thay have reminded me of what really matters, how lucky I am, and how the time I have spent with my child since hearing of this has made me realise what is important.

    RIP Neil, Kazumi and Sam, Sam I hope you are playing on real tractor, free from pain with your parents at your side.

  599. Rachel said

    How terribly sad this is, myself, my husband and daughter are deeply moved and send our condolences and love to all the family members left behind. In our thoughts xxx

  600. A mother said

    I did not know this family but I know I would have liked them and shared their values. My husband and I feel so sad as our nightmare too would be the death of our child. We have never hoped more than we do today that there is a heaven as that is where you all deserve to be.

  601. Diane Downie said

    This poor family to go thro so much pain beggars belief .. I hope they all rest together for ever in peace and love..xxxx

  602. emma said

    I knew both sam and his family, they were such wonderful caring and so loving, the moment you met them you could feel it all around, they welcomed me from when he first came to us after the accidient and i had the most memorable and rewarding times anyone could have wished for helping him the best way i could as part of a fantastic team, he had the most beautiful eyes and smile that would make any room light up, i loved treating him, even when we all had tough days sam would make them better and as for his loving parents right up to the day i had the chance to say goodbye to sam and speak to his mum and dad not knowing it was the final time and i remember how much warmth and love even then there was, i told them he was and always will be their beautiful boy, i will never forget and i am devastated and shell shocked by the news, but i understand and after knowing them and being a small part of their lives for a short period i can undertand why, may they all rest in peace and suffer no more, they are still together and always will be,
    Look up into the night time sky and you will see the brightest star shine and make light, that will be sam, mum and dad

    Will miss you but never forget you

    Love Em xxxxxxx

  603. Vicki said

    I am truly sorry to have learnt of the tragic loss of such a brave family. Although I never knew you, you have all touched my hearts deeply.

    RIP, Vicki xxx

  604. David said

    Terribly sad story. God Bless the 3 of you. RIP xxxxx

  605. Yvonne said

    What incredible love shown for your family – how would any of us react in the same circumstances? As the mother of three reasonably healthy boys I can only feel sympathy and a morsel of understanding when they felt they couldn’t go on.

    If there is a God, may he have you all three together safe and well.

  606. Tanabe from Japan said

    Hi Kazumi, I hope you, Neil and Sam joint all good together with happiness now.
    I believes and respect you and Neil’s decision.
    But, very sad… Rest in peace.

    Best wishes.

  607. The Priestley Family said

    Held my two boys a little tighter tonight, both my husband and I were deeply shocked and moved by this tragic story, I wept at the news, hope Sam and his parents are at peace now.
    love to all family and friends
    Rachel Richard Alex and Josh

  608. Adil said

    So sorry for your loss may they rest in peace, I pray that they all together and are happy.My prayers are with their family and friends, that they get peace and reconcilation.

  609. Dilan said

    I hope you are together and happy now.Sincere condolences to the family and friends..
    Rest in peace Sam,Neil and Kazumi ♥

  610. Anonymous said

    Sweet dreams Sam,

    RIP Sam, Kazumi and Neil xxxxxx

  611. seema said

    thank you god for all ou have given me, thank you for all you have aken away from

  612. Mel said

    This story is so tragic and as a mother who has this type of love for her child, I can totally understand how these loving parents felt that they could not go on without their darling little boy – I cried when my mum told me about the story and I cried again when I read it in the paper – I hope you are now together with your angel and he is now without the pain and suffering he endured during his life ! God rest you all xx

  613. Ali said

    How very small all my problems feel right now.

    So many parents today don’t care at all for their children, and it’s just devastating that a child so clearly deeply loved couldn’t be saved. You can tell just by looking at the pictures of Sam that he was full of joy, and his parents must take the credit for that, and I feel certain that they would have been wonderful, wonderful people to know. I hope that wherever they are now, they have the miracle they hoped for and Sam is walking and running and that they have nothing but complete peace, because I don’t think I have ever heard of a case where that is more deserved. I’m certain Sam would have grown into a wonderful, warm young man, despite the challenges he faced and I’m sure everyone who knew this incredible family will miss them terribly. My thoughts are with those left behind. Peace and strength to you all.

  614. Spence said

    This is such a tragic story, I was driving when I heard about this on the radio and I was moved to tears by their tragic story. Neil and Kazumi showed such devotion and total love for Sam.

    They obviously auffered with an unimaginable sense of loss and grief in losing their son, why do these things happen to such beautiful people?

    I hope with all my heart that they are all happy together now.
    Rest In Peace Neil, Kazumi and Sam

  615. JAL said

    Words cannot alone express how sorry we are to hear this news.
    Puttick’ family has been using our Japan Airlines flight every year.
    It was only a few month ago that we received some pictures with Sam surronded by full of cherry blossoms!
    When it is hard for us to hear the loss of Sam, how much harder it must be for Kazumi and Neil.
    All we are wishing is for the family to rest together in peace in God’s hand.

    Tomoko, Kaori, Midori, Ioe, Cristina
    Service team
    Japan Airlines

  616. Y said

    I am sure they are now living happily together in another world.

    R.I.P. Sam, Kazumi, and Neil. My heart goes out to family and friends

  617. sarah said

    God bless all three of you, together forever always x

  618. kal said

    as a father who is not one to show much emotion i wiped away a tear or two when i read the of this tragedy not least because little sams smile reminds me so much of my baby boys, i have realised since 9 months ago when he was born i could not now live without him, so sorry to hear the news and i know they are smiling and laughing together in heaven, rest in peace

  619. Susan said

    I was so very sorry to hear of this tragedy and as a mother of an only child cannot bear to think about what it must be like to lose that child. However i can only imagine that the grief must be indescribable. How much must that child have been loved. My deepest sympathies x

  620. Stefan said

    How very very sad this is – rest in peace to all three of you.


  621. Gillian said

    God bless you all – you are very brave parents and looked after your little boy well

    Be happy together in heaven xxxxxxxxxxxx

  622. Karen P said

    I did not know the family but my heart goes out to all their family and friends – R.I.P.

  623. Nathalie said

    What a beautiful family and Sam, how smiley and happy you look in your photos.
    I never had the privilege to meet you, but feel so deeply deeply sad.
    May you all rest in peace together.

  624. Suzi said

    this story broke my heart. may they rest in peace, together, always xx

  625. Linda(a Mum and grandma) said

    I cannot begin to imagine the pain and anguish felt in such a situation, but I know that they are all together now.
    My prayers and thoughts are with the family who must feel bewildered and lost.
    God bless you all XXX

  626. David said

    Such a sad and incredibly moving story, god bless Sam and his wonderful parents RIP xxx

  627. a mother who loved and lost said

    hi my thoughts are with you i lost my son 4 years ago to meninggitus its been the hardest 4 years of my life but in time you will learn to cope with the pain they are in a better place now rip to the 3 of u my thoughts go out to your family and friends

  628. Lisa said


    • Yuuka said


    • Yuri said


  629. irene said

    so so sad
    all 3 of you
    rest in peace

  630. Tom said

    I’m French and didn’t know the story of the little Sam until today. Unfortunatelly, I also learned the death of his loving parents. Like lots of people over the earth, I’m very moved. Although I’m not Christian nor attached to any religion, my thoughts tonight go to this little boy and to Neil and Kazumi. May they rest in peace, may they be reunited now. Sincerely from France, Tom

  631. roma said

    Sam, on the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to make a dream come true they gave yr mummy and daddy the best present ever that present was you, but what they didnt say was that you were on loan and they wanted you back so soon but how could they expect yr mummy and daddy to allow them to take you alone so the angels agreed to let them go with you to heaven . Yr never walk alone cos mummy and daddy will always be with you bless you all yr be the brightest three stars in the sky every night xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  632. Karen said

    Such a tragic turn of events – I have been moved to tears hearing about this story on the news…it couldn’t have happened to a more caring, loving family.

    My deepest condolences to all friends and family – I will definitely be donating to Spinal Research.

  633. Suman (Not a mother but just a woman who was saddened by such news) said

    What an extremely upsetting story. With all these stories in the news about parents abusing and murdering their children, It got me wondering if there was a shortage of caring loving parents in this world. Now my question has been answered.

    I believe in reincarnation and so pray to god that this family be reunited again on this earth and live a healthy and happy life together.

  634. Sian said

    This is just the saddest thing I have heard of. I hope you are all still together. Rest in Peace.

  635. Anatole said

    Sorry, previous commet not well posted: as I said,

    I really am sorry about the whole tragedy, but let me say, and I know is easy for me that haven’t gone through something similar, that I totaly disagree about Neil and Kazumi decission of taking their lives. I can admire every full-loving previous decission, but not how they decided to end up. Pity they were not as strong to carry on as they were to help Sam to recover for years.

  636. LISA said


  637. Father to a 1 year old boy said

    Rest in peace I may not have known the family but it still brought a tear to my eye just how much this family loved such an adoreble little boy.

    Your all togather now.

    Sangha (Ilford) London

  638. Anonymous said

    I can only imagine the pain felt by the parents who were so deeply hurt that ending their lives was the only option.
    Never mind about going to heaven as some of you wrote, what matters is that there is no more pain.
    Hope they’ll find peace at last.

  639. sadie said

    When you hear stories such as this it makes you realise how lucky you are. Thank you Neil, Kazumi and Sam for putting my problems in perspective and stopping me from wallowing in self-pity (even if it only lasts a short while!).

    Your bravery, optimism and love is a shining example to the world.

    Rest in peace.
    Sadie (single Mum)

  640. louise said

    May you rest easy together, so sad to see the loss of such a beautiful family.

  641. Karoline said

    I don’t normally post comments on websites but Neil, Kazumi and Sam’s story moved me to tears. As a parent, I hope I may never suffer the loss of a child like they have. May they all rest in peace together.

  642. Michel said

    Unfortunately I just read about this website and the tragic background and I must say that this is one of the saddest stories I ever heard about!

    We have a 2 year old son and none of us could imagine to live without him and ever since he was born we understand our parents who always told us that real concern comes with the birth of ones owen children.

    Our deepest prayers go out to the families and friends.

    Everyone who hears about this extraordinary story which is all about love hopefully recognises how valubale every moment with our beloved ones is!

    I deeply hope that Neil, Kazumi and Sam are sitting on a sun flooded beach or where ever and that they are happy, where ever it may be…

  643. Diane said

    Such sad sad news. As the mother of a little boy, I couldn’t begin to comprehend what life would be like without him. Our children are the most precious things in our lives and the Putticks could not face life without their little ray of sunshine. They are all together now. God bless you all.

  644. Nikki Rob Lily and Harry said

    We think of you and your family. What an amazing boy with amazing parents. So much love and happiness comes through in the pictures even though you all faced such difficult times. We are sure you have found peace as a family. God Bless. Sweet dreams xxxx

  645. ruby said

    When all is said and done Sam and his parents were truely blessed…they all knew love in its truest form, to give it and receive it and that is the greatest blessing on this earth….
    May you all rest in peace now you are together for all eternity

  646. Meg said

    Sam, Neil and Kazumi, I never met you but my heart is utterly broken for your beautiful family. I trust that God has you now, safe, happy and whole, in His loving arms. I know He keeps His promises and has wiped every tear from your eyes.

    Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, let perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace.

  647. Naomi said

    Reading the news story made me cry. I’m so sorry for all who knew and loved this family.

    Much love from Israel,

  648. Claire & Andy Dowling said

    So shocked to hear this news… there aren’t words.

    Our thoughts and hearts go out to the families and friends of Sam, Neil and Kazumi.

  649. Michelle said

    I’m sorry to hear of the tragic circumstances surrounding Sam, Kazumi and Neil. I hope their friends and families are able to cope with their loss. Rest in peace.

  650. A touched stranger said

    My tears cannot stop flowing for the devoted and loving family. A heart breaking news. The family are all together now. The devoted parents and Sam, the cute boy with a beloved cheeky smile, playing with his beloved tractor and toys…… in peace.

  651. Kiwi Chris said

    There is an after life, can’t think of a more deserving family to be there.

    Enjoy heaven Sam, Kazumi and Neil.

  652. Halo Twister said

    In a strange sense, this is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve read in a long time; it is indeed tragic in every sense of the word, but the kind of love displayed within this couple’s act is stunning. As a new father, I cannot imagine what I (or my wife) would do if we were to lose our son, especially after trials and tribulations such as those this wonderful family met. I only hope that the families of the deceased find a way to cope, and become stronger for all these challenges.

    I do not believe in the “afterlife”, but this story makes me want to, if only to believe that
    they are reunited there.

    Shakespeare could not write a greater tragedy.

    Rest well.

  653. Claire said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam – meant to be together, and will be together forever.

    Rest in peace xxx

  654. Barbara said

    Like most people here, I have been in tears over this tragic story.
    To have been dealt two terrible blows during the life of their precious child is cruel beyoind beleif. I cannot imagine the hell Kazumi and Neil must have endured during their last week.
    My heartfelt best wishes go out to you all, wherever you are. I sincerely hope that you are all together and have the happiness you deserve.

    I also send my deepest condolances to the family and friends left behind. May you find some comfort in your grief, and console yourselves with the knowledge that this family, who dealt with far more than most people ever have to, are together and at peace.
    You should be proud of them.

  655. Stephen said

    I can understand why they did what they did, if anything happened to my kid I would feel the same way.

    May they rest in peace.

  656. OSCAR PARADA said

    Mis mas sentido pesame a toda la gente que acompaño a estos padres en su lucha de amor por su hijo, yo como padre daria todo por mi hijo y creo que todos lo que somos padres hariasmos lo mismo, uds llegaron a un punto en que solo el amor por su hijo es la explicacion… descansen en paz, junto a su hijo y a dios….

    muchas bendiciones desde Los Angeles, Chile

  657. andrew said

    Such sad and tragic news – but fully understand your decision to be with Sam – today I saw my daughter sing at school – she is just 4 years old – makes me realise who fragile life can be – and I promise to spend more time with her – you are very special parents with so much love – 3 kind souls together. take care and I know you are in a happier place with your beautiful boy Sam.

  658. James said

    Home. xxx

  659. Karen said

    What else can we say?
    I’m really sorry for them
    but as a Mom, I’m proud for the courage that they have of do something like that

    Sorry for my english, but I’m latin.

    En español:

    ¿Qué más podemos decir?
    Lo siento mucho por ellos
    pero como mamá, estoy orgullosa del coraje que tuvieron para hacer algo así

    Kisses and sorrow from Chile

    • Lester Reyes said

      Corage llamas a eso? Te recuerdo que se suicidaron, no sé si llamaría a eso dolor o cobaría, por muy buenos que fueran. No entiendo nada.

      • paola said

        no es cobardía acompañar a tu pequeño hijo en su viaje hasta los brazos de su otro Padre,
        CORAGE! para enfrentar tu propia muerte, mirar a los ojos a la negra sombra del dolor, y lanzarte al vacio, sin miedo.
        y aunque no estés de acuerdo, guarda silecio por respeto a una tristeza que debe bloquear la razón, si no lo has vivido… guarda silencio.

      • paola said

        mi sentido pésame desde Chile. Mis oraciones están con sus almas.

  660. Ishaan Prasad said

    Sam definitely had the most loving parents.

    Angels, all of them !

    May GOD rest their souls in peace.

  661. Anonymous said

    I know you are all together and even though I didn’t know you,I sense that was all you asked for.Fly in the clouds forever.Barb from NZ.

  662. Rubén Ulloa said

    Cuando se es padre ya no se vive por uno. Se vive por el hijo(a) y es la razón de nuestras vidas.
    No me imagino sin mi retoño…
    Dios les Bendiga.

    Ancud, Chile.

  663. Annie said

    This is the saddest story I have heard so long. Their actions so understandable to any loving parent.

    They, sweet and sensitive had made a brave life for Sam. They loved him infinitely but with more pain already than many have to bear. Then his loss brought pain on top of pain and infinite love.

    What is so very tragic though is that someone else didnt realize this and stay with them. They could have had more life with each other dear souls.

    I weep for you all. A story of love being stronger than life.

  664. Javi said

    Neil, Kazumi and Sam, may they rest in peace. They deserve it.
    Sam was an incredible little boy, with really good parents that commited suicide to be with him. people who judge them for doing that, have never loved someone in her life.
    once again, rest in peace.

    Javiera, Santiago, Chile.

  665. Joachim said

    Hope they are now in a better world.

  666. jayne said

    I live fairly locally to Beachy Head and cannot stop thinking about the tragic events that unfolded there. The grief this family must have been suffering is unimaginable to even contemplate their act. Words cannot describe the sadness one feels for all concerned . We can only pray that little smiley Sam and his devoted parents are all together now leading the happy life they so deserve. May gob bless them all. A true credit to the human race.


  667. Rose said

    Although i never met you Sam,i knew of you & your love of life.How lucky to have such devoted parents.Sleep well all of you xx

  668. Josch said

    This tears my heart up – rest together in peace, Sam, Kazumi and Neil.
    May your family and friends don’t loose hope, all the best!


  669. Lewis Family said

    My heart goes out to you all, as I heard of your tragic story.
    May you have all finally found peace.


    The Lewis Family

  670. Iván said

    Let’s try that their deaths are not for nothing 😥

  671. andrew king said

    The thoughts and prayers of my entire family go out to this lovely caring couple and their beautiful son. Although I did not know you all, you cared for your son with the utmost love and care. Society has lost a loving family. May God Bless you all and may you all rest in peace. Sam no longer has any pain or suffering. Thank you Neil & Kazumi for the love and care that you showed to your lovely boy. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. The King-Carrington Family.

  672. jenny said

    In the face of adversity you were a shining light and inspiration. This story is just so sad. Rest in Peace.

  673. Anonymous said

    As I write this the tears are rolling down my cheeks this is just such a tragic story and my thoughts are with sam his mum and his dad, I pray you are together and free from all the pain. Rest in peace.

  674. Carla Siligardou said

    This is the saddest story I have ever read but at the same time it is so full of love from the beginning to the end that really shows all the love parents have for their children.They are all together in a better place now and finally happy. Rest in peace.We will always think of you as an example of the infinite love we parents have for our children.

  675. Brian said

    Like many others who have posted their thoughts and condolences on Sam’s site, I have found the final chapter in Sam’s family story to be so desperately sad. It’s clear from the pictures that he was a lovely, adorable and resilient boy, and that his parents were utterly devoted to him. To cope and thrive in such arduous circumstances is a tribute to their characters.

    It must have been indescribably painfull to realise that life had dealt them all such a cruel blow over the last week. Like many others I’m sure, I’ve shed tears thinking through how they must have felt.

    But their dedication to each other is truly humbling and I can hope is that Sam is now re-united with Neil and Kazumi and that they are in a better place.

  676. amanda said

    i would like to send my deepest sympathy to all the family of this very special family’always in all our thoughts.god bless.take carexx

  677. Clairezee said

    I completely agree with what Carla Silligardou has said and can add no more except to say what a truely remarkable family who I wish I had had the privilage of knowing. X

  678. katep11 said

    Such unity in love and grief!
    How can your heart not be touched by such a committed family!!
    Something we should always cherish.

  679. Andy said

    God must have wanted Sam and his Mummy and Daddy very much may they rest in peace together in his warm embrace.

  680. simchah said

    Life after losing your only child is a living death anyway. You all went on together. there is comfort in that.

  681. Scottie said

    We can only imagine what emotions Sam’s parents were experiencing, but my wife and I can empathise to a greater degree than most. We lost our beautiful 11 month old son Cailan to exactly the same disease just 3 weeks ago. This Saturday – 6th June 2009 – would have been his 1st birthday. We stumble along this road of grief and there’s a constant yearning to be with him again, so I can say without passion that the actions of Neil and Kazumi make a lot of sense to me. They will never need to fight between memories of joy and those of pain, and of trying to comprehend the lack of any complete answer to the simplest question: ‘Why him?’

    We’ve learned in the last 3 weeks that the impact of the loss of a child goes far beyond just those we know. There will be comfort to those left behind in the generosity of spirit people have shared here. I wouldn’t have thought anything could draw empathy from me until I read of this.

    We don’t live far from where they lived; Cailan was actually about to be transferred to the same Bristol hospital when he died. My wife is from the Far East too.

    Their peace is eternal. That gift has never been so worthy.

    Hope they can Say Hi to my little man if they see him up there…


    • Shoba said

      My condolences to you and your wife. You will be in my prayers tonight.

    • Dear Scottie,

      As a Mum of a very disabled 19 year old and a foster carer (for 6 year’s) to 2 disabled brother’s…I Wanted you to know I am thinking of you. I can’t imagine what your going through.. I nearly lost Billy last year, he was on life support for a week after major (17 hour) surgery. I was the lucky one, he is still with us. I am Sending You Massive Hug’s and feeling for you and your wife x Word’s fail me… All the best x
      Julie x

  682. Annie said

    May the Lord and the Angels wrap you round with their love and care . Your tragic and heart rending story is imprinted like a tattoo on many people’s minds and will impact on how they view things in the future.Rest in peace .

  683. AlfaOmega said

    I don’t believe in God, so from my point of view people’s great acts and loving history is what’s left in this world to be remembered.

    Little Sam and parents will be alive trough all the spinal research funds that this history will generate.

    To all the family left behind. You have all the right to be sad, be mad, be crying… but over all… be proud.

    Best wishes from Costa Rica

  684. Paula said

    My heartfelt condolences to Sam’s poor family. I lost my special little angel last year and sadly I understand the unconsolable pain that Neil and Kazumi had felt, it is beyond words and always with you. Rest In Love and Peace.

  685. maz said

    rest in peace and condolences to the family god bless

  686. Westbury Family said

    The most remarkable family, I am so proud to have known you and to call you friends.

    To Sam – Being friends with you has enriched my daughters life beyond words. Thank you so much for being her friend, she misses you greatly and asks everyday when you are coming back to see her. You will always hold a very special place in her heart as you will in mine and all those other lucky people who were fortunate to know you. Sweet dreams little cherub xxx

    To Neil and Kazumi – You were both truely remarkable parents, friends and people. Words cannot express how deeply saddened we all are by your tragic story. I sincerely wish you all everlasting peace and comfort in the kingdom of heaven. Till we meet again my friends, sleep soundly. xxxxxx

  687. Bryony said

    Bless you, three dear dear people, I totally understand, rest in peace together xxxx

  688. Helen said

    After reading all the comments, I don’t know what else to say. I didn’t know anything about this wonderful family until after the fact and I’m so sorry for the unbelieveable pain they went through. Little Samuel was a gift from God and maybe he was too precious and innocent for this world – that’s why God called him back. I hope that the grief that Kazumi and Neil went through is just a distant memory for them now, wherever they are. I feel that they are together and that the angels are protecting them from further sorrow. Neil and Kazumi adored their son – I saw the You Tube video with Sam “walking” and hearing the tenderness in their voices as they spoke to their beautiful little boy is proof of this – and certain comments about their so called selfish act are completely uncalled for. They were strong people and simply couldn’t imagine life without him. That’s all. Whether you agree with their actions or not, there is such a thing as compassion. Perhaps we can learn from the wonderful example these people set. The Puttick family deserve to be remembered for their love and selflessness, not for the way they died. And little Sam deserves to be remembered for his cheerfulness and beautiful smile. God bless you all and I hope Sam is now in heaven doing all the things that he couldn’t do here on earth – like running and playing – and Neil and Kazumi are cheering him on from the sidelines.

    Helen (Melbourne, Australia)

  689. april said

    this is so sad what the family had gone through they were a very strong and loveing family like other people it brought a tear to my eyes a few times at least they will all aways be together now flying through the clouds three more beautfull angels in heaven above to the family left behin every one is thinking of you all even through you lost loves ones memories will all ways stay with you for ever R.I.P

  690. Volker said

    Rest in peace.
    That is the sadest story that I ever heard from.

    In Frieden und Wärme sollt ihr nun für immer zusammen sein.


  691. evelyn from scotland said

    rest in peace three lovly people our hearts go out to every one who new the family god bless you all

  692. k said


  693. Lucy said

    I just wanted to say how desperately sorry I was to hear about Sam, Kazumi and Neil. Wee Sam will be running about in heaven now with his Mummy and Daddy.

  694. chris said

    I’m a pretty cynical bloke, there isn’t much that upsets me to be honest, but i don’t mind admitting i’ve shed a few tears for the family. I’m no parent, so can’t even imagine the pain you must have felt. I don’t blame you for wanting to be in heaven with your child.

    RIP Sam, Neil & Kazumi

  695. Jo said

    I am a mum of 3 children, 2 of which are deceased. I had to carry on after 2 of my children died because of my live child, but if he wasnt around neither would I be. To lose a child is the worst tragady that can happen. I can understand why you did this. My heart goes out to this very brave and loving family and all the friends you left behind. I hope you are all together at this very moment having a wonderful time. Take care xx Jo

  696. Sean hendricks said

    You have 100% of my admiration and respect. X

  697. A Dad said

    My little girl was born at the same time as Sam, and my wife was in the room next door to Kazumi at the maternity hospital. I probably nodded or smiled to them at the hospital, maybe even congratulated them. I cannot recall. The fact is that although I knew of them, I didn’t know them.

    Who could ever think that in the room next door, the birth of a little boy would unfold into this serious of tragic events.

    So, inevitably, Sam’s accident struck a deep chord with me when I first heard about it 3 and a half years ago. I looked at my little girl (who was and remains fit and healthy) and I simply could not imagine what Neil, Kazumi and Sam were having to bear.

    I just cannot comprehend how strong and courageous they have been to be with Sam at every step of his short life and in holding him in death.

    But out of this terribly sad and shocking news, something beautiful and inspiring shines out. It is truly miraculous to see, just from reading this website, how Sam’s brightness and extraordinariness in just doing what ordinary little children do – a happy little boy who played, and who loved tractors and animals – lit up the lives of his parents and those of others who had the fortune to meet him. These three human beings were embraced in a unique love, and of course they could never let each other go. May you all now rest in peace, together.

  698. Debbie said

    A beautiful family and I didnt know any of you, but your story has touched me so much. You devoted your lives to Sam,a gorgeous happy little boy, and i can understand that you couldnt bare to be without him. To your family and friends my deepest sympathy. May you have everlasting peace and happiness together wherever you are.
    RIP xxxxxxx

  699. Natrah Mum in LOndn said

    My heart goes out to all 3 – a beautiful boy and 2 courageous parents with nothing but pure love for their little boy. I could not live without my girls they are my life. R.I.P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  700. Louise said

    I am so sorry that the family were in such a state of despair,that they took their lives too.
    I believe they will find peace in the world beyond ours,but what a tragedy for those who loved them.

    I can only pray that others feeling the same way,will ask for help.Too many souls have perished on beachy head.

    Rest in peace

    Louise in MK,originally from eastbourne

  701. DM said

    As a parents of 2 young children, my wife and I read the sad news this week about Sam, Neil and Kazumi.

    We know they are all now reunited in heaven.


  702. ellie said

    what a beautiful little boy, and such a tragic story, i hope you are happy together wherever you are x x x

  703. PAULA said


  704. Kirsty said

    There are no words to say how sorry the world is to hear your story. Love is so powerful. I know that you three will now live happily together. RIP x

  705. Pascal said

    I have never ever heard anything comparable sad as whats happend to Sam and his parents. I was deeply touched and these news strucked me like none before. I can almost not understand how far unconditional love can go. All rest in Peace. Sam, Neil and Kazumi you are my heroes.

    PS: About the comment from a lady which I do not want to name anymore here: She just wanted to seed trouble and irritate people. Just ignore her thats what these people hate

  706. Dyan said

    Oh my god, this is a terrible news… i hope they’re resting in peace right now… I´m a mom, so I understand Kazumi and Patrick… I´m so in shock that i don´t have any more words to say… Hugs and kisses for all they’re families and friends…

    From chile

  707. London Nici said

    I too have sat there at a cliffs edge wanting to be with my child.

    It is a pain that cannot be described or compared.

    My heart is with those gone forward and those left behind.


  708. Manuel said

    I’ sorry for the lost, im’ very impressed the love in this famiy, greets from chile

  709. katya west sussex said

    This tragedy puts all my “problems” into perspective.

    My parents lost a child – my younger sister and although over 40 years ago – the love never wains and the thoughts of what might have been – you live with every day.

    I now have 3 children of my own – one with special needs and I cannot imagine life without any one of them.

    As expressed by others here – life just doesnt seem fair when children are being abused and unloved, and there are some truly awful people out there, thankfully in the minority.

    I believe they loved him so much they just had to be with him in the afterlife/heaven… whatever you believe. RIP To the dedicated parents of SAM and to the little boy who so obviously gave them so much to love.

  710. rachel said

    We lost our son Freddie in December 2008 – he was 2 and a half and disabled also – the pain is horrific and if it wasnt for our other boy, we would have gone with Freddie. Only people who have lost a child knows the pain – i wouldnt wish it on anybody.

    I hope this beautiful family are all back together again – so tragic, God Bless x x

  711. Head4Heights said

    As a father trying to live with a double living bereavement, I know of their pain. I also know the call that the peace of eternal rest has. It is very tempting. Rest in peace, your God will surely bless you, for what you have done was done in love. May their friends and family find the strength to understand. A terrible tragedy.

  712. Anonymous said

    being a dad who lost a son 6 years ago the pain never leaves you. parents who out live their children its just goes against nature!

  713. Andy said

    As a father of a boy who is my only child this has touched me like no other. I will hold him closer tonight and think of you and thank you for the perspective you have given me.

    Rest in Peace

  714. simon said

    This is just an appalling tragedy…

    My thoughts are with their friends and family…

  715. Janet said

    If everyone in the world acted as lovingly towards others as this couple did, it would be a far better place,deep love and understanding of your actions come from me as a parent,I would contemplate doing the same in your position I know.God will welcome you all with open arms,you and your beautiful son.The Good die young.So very, very sad and sorry that it had to end this way for your precious family.Rest in peace.

  716. sarah,mummy of 4 said

    it broke my heart reading about what happened to the three of you.i am so sorry,u both seemed wonderful parents and im sure alot of people in this world could have learned alot from you both.its so terible how life can bring such unhappiness sure your all in heaven together being the loving family you was on in peace.much

  717. MARITA MORENO S said


  718. Another Mum said

    So so sad, the pain would have been unbearable – God Bless all three, rest in peace. I believe only God can decide who goes to heaven, and that he is a good, loving God – I’m sure all three are with him now.

    • Anonymous said

      Que el Dios del entendimiento los haya recibido junto a su hijo, una verdadera muestra de amor….al parecer aun hay esperanza en el mundo.

  719. Ann said

    I am the mother of 3 children and when I heard this dreadful news I wanted to gather my children close to me. I don’t know how I would face life without my children. My brother died a few years ago and my parents have never really got over his passing. We think about him everyday and miss him more and more.
    There are no words to express my smypathy but I think we should all understand that unless we walk in another persons shoes we will never be able to understand what it feels like to be them. God rest their souls may they have found peace together. xxx

  720. Carla said

    I perfectly understand why they made such decision… it is so hard to imagine life without the person you love most… the overwhelming feeling a parent feels for their son is uncomparable. I have a daughter and a son and I love them more than anything in the whole world… they are everything to me and I don’t really know what would I do without them… I rather not thinking about it

    My love and blessing to all friends and family

    From Chile

  721. My mom called me last night from the Uk and she told me about this couple and it made me feel so very sad.
    I lost my oldest son less than 3 months ago and it has been the hardest thing in the world. There is no pain as dark as losing a child. For those parents who say but for the grace of God go I ..I would say that when I looked at my sons but when my son died of a sudden cardiac death I realized just how precious life truly is.
    You cant take it for granted. I think that this story should serve as a warning for those around those parents who have lost a child. It is the most devastating, darkest times for us as parents. We experience the joy of our children and in the same life have to experience the pain of knowing that they are no longer with us.
    They may not wish to have anyone around them but you have to be there. Even force yourself. Thats not a time for a parent to be left alone. Grief can make you think all kinds of things that arent necessarily healthy
    I know that this little boy is running around in paradise with no physical disability. He is whole and happy. I hope that he is playing with my son who loved children as much as they loved him.
    For the parents…I am deeply sad that they chose this end but I wont judge them as others did. As a parent who suffered the same loss. i understand. I wish I didnt but I do.
    A Mother in NYC

    • Cheryl said

      Wow,that blew me away!

      We lost our baby boy a year ago just passed. He was only 5 and a half months old and presented with a very rare genetic disorder at only a few weeks old.

      A year on, I think everyone presumes you are ‘over it’ but we never will be. I had to carry on for my daughter and husband, but we have been to the darkest of places that nobody would want to go to. So totally understand why they did what they did. And like you said I wish I didn’t understand – but I so do!

      take care X

  722. paola said

    “cobardia” han dicho algunas personas….
    Valentía!!!, digo yo.
    enfrentar tu propia muerte, cara a cara, sin miedo, abrazado al cuerpo pequeño de tu hijo, mirando a los ojos de tu esposo.
    Caer, caer, caer….
    quizas Neil y Kazumi lloraron mientras sus cuerpos caían, quizas sonreían… no lo sé…
    no puedo imaginar tanto dolor, tanta pena…
    ahora, los tres, flotan suavemente, Dios ya los recibió… ya corren con su pequeño Sam, sin enfermedad, sin dolor, sin medicinas, felices, libres, juntos, con los angeles.
    Dios los bendiga

  723. Bel said

    Amidst such a tragedy, I think the great bond of love that Sam’s family had for one another should be a shining beacon to us all.

  724. The Ward-Mannings said

    We are parents of our beautiful boy 6 months old and this news have completely moved us to tears. I cannot imagine losing a child and wish that no one will ever have to go through that kind of pain. Neil, Kazumi and Sam, you are in our hearts and we will pray for you. x

  725. helen said

    All this tragedy stemmed from the carelessness of an irresponsible driver – let’s hope she is aware of what she’s done and is suitably remorseful

    Rest in Peace

    • Boblh said

      There but for the grace of god…. Please. Have some compassion for her too.

    • JJ said

      helen said: “All this tragedy stemmed from the carelessness of an irresponsible driver …”

      That is a great point.

      If we focus on igorant comments about “According to the Japanese (Buddhist) tradition, …” etc.
      (and focus on the wife’s race and ethnicity), …

      … then we just become more misinformed and prejudiced against the Japanese, and we don’t learn anything good or useful.

      One positive outcome from all this tragedy might be renewed attention to careful driving.

      — possibly even a law or regulation (or heavier punishment in case of accidents) against driving while being distracted by pets.—The-Japanese-tradition-behind-the-family-suicide.html

      >>> Kazumi, 44, who worked as a Japanese translator at Honda in Swindon, did not cause the accident that left Sam, aged 18 months, paralysed from the neck down and unable to breathe unaided, but she was driving the car when a woman, distracted by her dogs barking, drove into her. <<<

  726. Susan said

    Such a sad sad thing to have happened & my heart goes out to these wonderful parents & their beautiful little boy . A short life that was unbelievably tragic & makes me realise just how lucky most of us are . I have an autistic son who , even though he has problems , is my whole world & God forbid anything should happen to him , I know I would feel the same as Sam’s parents .
    I hope you are all at peace together , God bless you .

  727. maria jose gonzalez said

    es una noticia que me tiene muy acongojada….es una realidad que pasa cuando Dios nos bendice con un hijo….queremos protejerlo y amarlo hasta dar la vida si fuese necesario…es un acto de amor que no se puede cuestionar solo pedirle a Dios que le permitan estar juntos por el resto de la eternidad…yo haria lo mismo nisiqiera lo pensaria por eso les doy todo mi apoyo y mi cariño y a las familias mis condolencias

  728. Jue said

    They have touched so many souls with their love.

    May they rest in peace.

  729. Boblh said

    It seems that God had a greater purpose for this little boy and his family than they could have imagined; that we should feel such love for them.

  730. Edgar Pacheco Aros said

    Es tan grande el amor que se tiene por los hijos, que el único amor más grande que hay es el de Dios…
    Muchas veces lo hemos conversado con mi mujer, respecto de la posibilidad de que uno o nuestros hijos murieran… es una realidad que no se puede dejar de pensar.-
    Yo me pongo en el lugar de los padres Sam, y la verdad si nunca deje solo a mi hijo en vida; quisiera seguir cuidandolo en su viaje al encuentro de Dios.- Dios sabe que la labor de padres no sólo es en este mundo, sino que se extiende a toda la eternidad.-
    Honor y gloria a Neil y Kazumi.- Sami, hijito querido; espero que cuando partamos junto a mi mujer e hijos al gran viaje, en algún recoveco del camino, los conoscamos.-
    Desde un lugar de Chile, en donde el pasto es verde y el cielo es azul; se despide con un hasta pronto
    Eddie Pacheco y la Jauria de Los Lobos

  731. Anonymous said

    I have been reading through all the different stories today within the UK, greedy MP`s etc, got angry at some and bored about others, but this tragic, tragic, story brings everything in to perspective.

    I have two wee adopted lads and I never new what real love was like, until they arrived. I work away from home and crave to see them every minute of the day and totally understand why these two great parents did what they did.

    Your deeds have left behind stronger people, myself included.

    God Bless and sleep well !

  732. andrea said

    although I didn’t know the Family I felt the need to leave my condolences. May you rest in peace with the knowledge that you were fantastic parents and proved to this world that you were truly devoted to Sam. To Sam may you now be out of pain and know you still have your wonderful parents with you now and always. God bless the 3 of you xxxxxx

  733. JJ said

    Re: racism inherent in the “Telegraph” article.

    Several Japanese people who had read the Telegraph article commented on the racism inherent in the article.

    I must agree that racial prejudice seems to be influencing the newspaper article, which pins the blame on the “Japanese tradition”.

    Very convenient for the Brits to blame all the societal ills to inscrutable, foreign influences

    — in this respect, little seems to have changed since the days of Sherlock Holmes stories, in which the villains are overwhelmingly Indian, etc.


    What is so “Japanese” about this double-suicide?

    Wouldn’t some white British couple done the same thing under similar circumstances?

    (and remember that in this couple only the wife is Japanese.)—The-Japanese-tradition-behind-the-family-suicide.html

    Beachy Head – The Japanese tradition behind the family suicide
    Bereaved parents Neil and Kaumi Puttick took their lives in a tragedy with echoes of ritual Japanese suicide.

    By Cassandra Jardine
    Published: 7:00AM BST 04 Jun 2009

    Carelessly written article. Some examples:

    1. “harikiri and kamekazi” — irrelevant.

    2. “harikiri and kamekazi” — both are misspelled.

    3. “In one, a Japanese man explains that the church-going Putticks would not be barring themselves from heaven by their suicide.”

    Here, “Japanese man” should be a “British-born man teaching in Japan”, etc.

    • Debbie said

      I found this article distasteful in its inaccuracies and presumptions about what and why certain events happened. To paint an imaginary picture of what may or may not have happened and what thoughts might have been in their heads is not journalism!

      I want to put on record that the stuff4sam website and the fundraising efforts were created by friends of Neil and Kazumi as a practical way to support them and Sam.

      Their lives were totally taken up with caring for Sam and there was never time to do the ordinary things that we all take for granted like making a call to a friend, reading emails, going out for a meal or simply relaxing in front of the tv.

      We do know that they found great comfort in the practical support we were able to give them and we shared their excitement at the effects that the equipment we raised funds for had on Sam. Equipment that made their lives a little more normal.

      The day that Neil could finally take Sam out into the countryside in the special buggy was one of those occasions.

      The day that Sam came to visit us at our offices in London in his special wheelchair was another.

      Sam and Kazumi were optimistic about their son’s future prospects and their love for him was an inspiration to us all. I am so glad this website was here for the world to see the truth behind this tragic story.

      Rest in peace my lovely friends.

  734. Fernando said

    Dios tiene un lugar para todos quienes quieran de corazón estar junto a él. Sin duda Sam ya está junto a él y a sus padres, no puede ser de otra manera. Dios los bendiga.
    God takes place for all who want of heart to be together with him. Undoubtedly Sam already is together with him and to his parents, cannot be otherwise. God blesses them.

    Fernando – Chile

  735. jorge sepulveda said

    La paz del señor este con ustedes y familia esto es muy triste tengo un bebe de 1 años y 5 meses no consibo la vida sin el los entiendo que Dios los bendiga

  736. sakura said


    Rest in Peace

    from japan

  737. A mother said

    My heart goes out to lovely Sam and his mummy and daddy,in life they all showed tremendous courage… Neil and Kazumi devoted their lives to Sam and loved him so much that when they lost him, for them, their lives ended,it took tremendous bravery and courage on their part to end their lives as a family…May God take care of you all..

  738. PAOLA said

    Es muy triste y a la vez emocionante ver hasta donde puede llegar el amor de los padres hacia sus seres mas amados que son los hijos.
    Nadie puede cuestionar el hecho ocurrido, pues nadie puede decirle a uno hasta donde puede amar a un hijo, nadie puede saber donde empieza ni donde termina el amor, pues para ellos el amor no terminó con la muerte de su hijo, si no que siguio mas allá de todo credo o pensamiento.
    Neil y Kazumi sólo hicieron lo que les dictó su corazón….

  739. PAOLA said

    Es muy triste y a la vez emocionante ver hasta donde puede llegar el amor de los padres hacia sus seres mas amados que son los hijos.
    Nadie puede cuestionar el hecho ocurrido, pues nadie puede decirle a uno hasta donde puede amar a un hijo, nadie puede saber donde empieza ni donde termina el amor, pues para ellos el amor no terminó con la muerte de su hijo, si no que siguio mas allá de todo credo o pensamiento.
    Neil y Kazumi sólo hicieron lo que les dictó su corazón….QUERER A SU HIJO HASTA LA MUERTE…
    Descasen en paz SAM, KAZUMI Y NEIL…y ojalá que en el lugar que estan ahora puedan realizar aquel sueño por el que tanto lucharon y que tanto anhelaban…poder ver caminar a SAM….
    Con mucho cariño y amor de una persona que aunque nunca los conoció, si sabe del amor de madre…

  740. I’m truly sorry for this family. My condolences from Antofagasta Chile. I’m so touched by this tremendous act of love. Rest in peace you all. u.u

  741. Que muestra de amor más pura e inmensa, esto es más que triste pero han de estar en el reino de Dios felices porque de ahora en adelante nada ni nadie les arrebatará a Sam de sus brazos. Juntos eternamente con el amor que se han tenido en vida ahora en la eternidad por siempre serán la familia que nos enseño el verdadero amor. Dios los tenga en su santo reino. Q.E.P.D.

  742. ricardo said

    lei la noticia y la verdad es que es muy triste lo que sucedio. A pesar de lo anterior queda de manifiesto el inmenso cariño que tenia esta pareja por su pequeño hijo. Ahora estan nuevamente los tres reunidos en la casa del señor. Ya nos vamos a encontrar todos alla

  743. Helen said

    I am just so upset at seeing the beautiful photos of this family and reading their tragic story. Sam looked adorable and their parents obviously adored him.
    One can only hope that they are all in a better place now.

  744. Shilliday Family said

    From Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada
    Our deepest sympathies. What an unspeakable tragedy. I wish I had known you. At least you’re still all together now. Our condolences for the friends & family.

  745. Stuart said

    As someone married to a lady from the Far East (albeit my wife is from China rather than Japan)with a 4 year old little boy , this story is one of the saddest I have read in a long time and so many people who I have spoken have been deeply moved by it. Suicide is often seen as a selfish act, but in this case I can only see it as one of such deep love that it brings tears to my eyes.
    God bless and keep them all safe now together forever.

  746. Judy Lujan said

    Sam, Neil and Kazumi, may God bless and comfort you and may you be welcomed into the spirit world with open arms. I lost my daughter, Kerry – 3 days after her 19th birthday – in a double hit and run accident on May 20, 2008. I am not Japanese, but I seriously wanted to commit suicide after Kerry’s death. I belong to 3 local support groups for bereaved parents and to 4 online discussion groups for bereaved parents. I now know through many discussions that this feeling is very common to parents who have recently lost a child – at any age. The theory is that we as parents are both socially conditioned as well as biologically wired to protect our children; a child’s death is – at least as far as our subconscious is concerned – the greatest dereliction possible of our parental responsibility. A very great part of why I didn’t kill myself has to do with my other two children and the impact that losing their mother right after losing their sister would have had on them. Instead of blaming Mrs. Puttick’s culture, perhaps the suicide has more to do with a strong impulse common to bereaved parents coupled with the fact that they had no other children to be concerned about. Had I not had two other children to consider, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my funeral would have been held shortly after Kerry’s.

  747. Tracey said


  748. Maripo said

    Sam’s smile said it all: he was a bright, brave boy who was so loved by his devoted parents, family and friends. The best memorial to Sam, Kazumi and Neil Puttick is to remember Sam’s beaming, happy face and his dazzling smile because it was the smile of a special boy who was beloved.

    With Sam gone, Neil and Kazumi’s last hours must have been heartbreaking. We have to remember that bound by love for their precious boy, they died as they lived: a family together, all three forever young.

    God bless Sam, Kazumi and Neil Puttick.

  749. Robert said

    De verdad es una tremenda historia, con un final un poco amargo, pero lleno de amor…fueron muy valientes para acompañar a su hijo hacia su nueva vida. SAM, KAZUMI Y NEIL, descansen en paz…pero vivan felices al lado de nuestro Padre…
    Mis condolencias para las familias…

  750. Stuart said

    What is it about such sad events that brings out the best and