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Hi Sam from a high place!

Posted by stuff4sam on August 31, 2006

Hi Sam,

Big Mod and the aunts at the top of the London Eye

Last week my sister Mary (aka Big Mod) and my aunts Maureen and Phylis, came over from Ireland to London to visit. One of the highlights of their visit was a ‘flight’ on the London Eye – in the photo we’re at the very top, which has to be the highest you can be in London without getting on a plane. Better still, we had VIP tickets so we didn’t have to queue!



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Hi Sam from Spain

Posted by stuff4sam on August 23, 2006

Hi Sam,

 Hi Sam from a balcony in front of two swimming pools and a perfect blue sky

This is me on holiday in Spain. I had a great time with my family there, including my young nephew and neice who spent every minute they could in the swimming pool you can just see over my left shoulder. It was always freezing cold to get into but warmed up when you splashed about! It also had a beautiful mosaic of a dolphin on the bottom.


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Hi Sam from Morocco!

Posted by stuff4sam on August 22, 2006

Hi Sam!

 Four young children standing in front of camels!

These are my children and their cousins in a very hot and sun drenched beach in Morocco. We wished that you could have joined us! You would have loved riding high on the camels hump!!

All our love and best wishes,

Donna Riyani xxxxx

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Hi Sam from the Thames!

Posted by stuff4sam on August 22, 2006

Hi Sam! 

 Four friends with Hi Sam sign on a barge

These are my friends on a birthday boat trip near Windsor. The weather was very rainy and very sunny! We had to have our picnic on the boat as it was too rainy to get out at lunchtime!

Rachel xx

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Arlo and friends’ baby walk

Posted by stuff4sam on August 21, 2006

Another sponsored run / walk event to help support Sam: 

Baby Arlo standing with help from dad

Hello, my name is Arlo and I am 15 months old. My friends and I have just learnt to walk and we are going to be doing a sponsored walk along the river in Kendal to raise money for Sam at the end of September (date dependent on weather!). Here I am in training, on a very rainy walk with my Daddy!

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Adventures in the Arctic captured on video

Posted by iheni on August 18, 2006

At the beginning of the year I travelled to Norway’s arctic circle for a week of dog sledding to raise money for Sam. It was an incredible experience and one of the most extreme things I have ever done full of lots of firsts such as reindeer soup, frozen eyelashes, -35 cold…

Anyway, while wandering around the web I came across a site by Crazy Musher, a fellow dog sledder who raised money for the Scot Polar Research Institute. His team followed the exact same route we did just after our team, he also had the ingenious idea of taking a BBC reporter along with him who put together the following news story about the trip from BBC Look East.

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Crafts4Sam Christmas sale!

Posted by stuff4sam on August 15, 2006

Were those groans at the back?! Yes, the festive period is here again! Despite it being August Harrods opened their Christmas decorations department last week…(honestly they really did) so to get you in the mood, here is news of our Christmas plans.

 Three fluffy Santas on a card

We’re planning a crafts4sam Christmas sale some time before, well, Christmas! We thought we’d mention it now as we don’t actually have a single thing to sell and need your help! We’re hoping to sell home made handcrafts, cakes and presents made by anyone who wants to contribute. So if you’re a knitter, sewer, quilter, baker, candle stick or card maker or dabble in something else that is weird and wonderful then we’d love for you to get involved.

This particular sale will take place in London but if you want to run your own sale anywhere else that would also be great – the more the better!

If you have ideas or want to pledge some bits and pieces then let us know via the comments or email us at

And don’t forget to keep an eye out here for updates!

Thank you!

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Hi Sam update

Posted by stuff4sam on August 14, 2006

 Hi Sam banner close up

This is a reminder that we want your Hi Sam messages and pictures! So far we’ve had posts from as far as Greece and as close as the Royal Albert Hall. Are you going on your holiday or visiting somewhere famous or interesting? If so download a poster (or make your own) and send it with a message to us at 

Can you be more adventurous than a ferry across the channel? Can you be sillier than the chaps? Can you be somewhere more glamorous than Budapest? Can you be cooler than a cow at the Big Chill?

See the Hi Sam messages archive for inspiration! 

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Hi Sam from the Proms

Posted by stuff4sam on August 14, 2006

Hi Sam!

 Hi Sam from Debbie in the RNIB box at the Proms

This is (a blurry) me at the Royal Albert Hall, home of the BBC Proms! I am perched on the edge of the RNIB box after hearing some exciting music. The orchestra played very loud as the conductor waved his baton and we all clapped madly at the end. I was very high up and I was a little bit worried about falling over the edge!

Debbie x

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Thank you to Barbara Shephard and Pam Goodliffe!

Posted by stuff4sam on August 10, 2006

Big thank you to Barbara Shephard who has been making home made cards and present bags to add to the book sale. The cards include birthday, new baby and wedding cards and are also available in tactile and popup versions. It’s hardly surprising that they’ve been going like hot cakes!
Thank you very much!

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