Thanks to the support we have received so far, Sam is clocking more miles per day on his new exercise bike than the entire Stuff4sam team! He also has his own set of customised wheels with a personalised number plate – not all of us can boast that!

The FES exercise bike has meant Sam has been able to build up his resistance and immunity, crucial for any growing boy but essential to Sam. He is now more able to fight colds and stretch his limbs lessening the danger of curvature of the spine.

The customised wheelchair / buggy means that he can be out and about, joining in with the other kids at the nursery and making friends. All this helps keep him entertained.

It’s stuff like this that means so much to Sam and his Mum and Dad. The more money we can raise, the more special equipment we will be able to buy and the more Sam’s quality of life will be improved.

Make a donation

So go on, support us support Sam by making a donation through the Donate button on the left hand side. All online donations, processed by Paypal are secure, fast and easy.

Or drop us an email at

5 Responses to “Donate”

  1. Kipp said

    Hi guys,

    As you may know, Neil’s fellow members of the GP&P Club are planning to row the Thames to raise money for Sam. I was wondering if stuff4sam is a registered charity yet? If so, we can put a page on, and get tax back on all donations we raise. If not, is that something that’s being considered? Would be very worth while!

    Regards to Neil Kazumi and Sam,


  2. stuff4sam said

    Hi Kipp,

    This sounds amazing and very impressive and thank you so much! To answer your question we’re not a registered charity as it’s not possible to do that for one person so the Just Giving option is sadly not available. That said your fellow rower Toby has been in touch and you’re more than welcome to raise money through the site using the Paypal option which goes directly into a Trustee Account for Sam. We’ll run a “totaliser” so you can see how much you guys have been raising and also blog any updates you have. To see what I mean check out Hugh’s and James’ thread on their epic overnight bike ride from London to Dunwich last July.

    We can publicize the event and spread the word so just let us know what you need and we’ll get on the case, any questions the email us at

    So when’s the big day then? Tell us more!


    P.S We’re very good at lending support at the finishing line with a cold pint in hand…worth mentioning.

  3. Sarah Samuels said

    I couldn’t find anywhere else to leave this message but I really wanted to so here I am.

    Goodnight to you all. I hope you have the peace you all deserve.

  4. From Scotland said

    I am so sorry to hear about Sam and his parents. They seemed like such a lovely family. What a beautiful smile Sam had. Our thoughts are with you.

  5. Zoe said

    Why is life so unfair and cruel sometimes? As a mother of two i can only imagine the complete devastation and loss they felt at the loss of gorgeous Sam after all they have been through – hope you find peace, togetherness and love in heaven – RIP xxx

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