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6 years on….

Posted by stuff4sam on June 1, 2015

Neil, Kazumi and Sam are often in our thoughts, even more so around this time of year.

There was so much news coverage in the days following their deaths, it was overwhelming. Hugh did the impossible and spoke on Radio4’s Today programme the next morning and the story was everywhere (such as this BBC article  which includes some video of Sam). All the newspapers that morning all had their photos on the front page.

In just a few days we received almost 1000 comments to our post from people as far afield as Lebanon and New Zealand. There were messages too from people who had met the family. We were particularly touched to read the comments from the team at Beachy Head and from the staff at Japan Airlines.

As well as sharing comments, people also wanted to donate. The Spinal Research fund (which is still open) has raised over £11,000.

It took a long time but we were so happy that the solicitors managed to arrange for Sam’s cycling FES machine (which stuff4sam money part paid for) to go to the unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. And there was enough money left over from the estate to pay for a memorial. Sam’s tractor lives at Coram’s Fields in central London, not far from Great Ormond Street Hospital where Sam often went. The lack of grass around the tractor shows that it is well played with.


Neil’s final message to us said ‘please don’t forget Sam’.  Here is a video of Sam playing with his lego (opens in a new window). It has had over 15,000 views on YouTube.

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